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Monday, November 28, 2011

When I Met You

This poem is exactly what am feeling rite now..
Taken from here. I just took the first paragraph,
because the rest doesnt represent my feeling HAHA.
Yeah I know, GALAU detected!!

When I met you

I wasn’t planning on falling in love

I wasn’t planning on feeling so attracted to someone

But you awakened feelings inside of me

That I forgotten existed

When I met you

I didn’t realize how much our love would grow

That the attraction that first brought us together

Would reach beyond passion



heheheehh sama-sama lagi galau ya kite :P loe masih galau gak Jeung?

Sylvia Sumitro

Gileeee.. Berasa ikutan ketonjok baca puisi iniii.. Huehehehe..
*ikutan tim galau* #lohhh??
Hahahahha =p

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