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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BR: God Girl

Okay I will try to do the book review :) This is the first time, so please bear with me ;p Im doing review on God Girl by Hayley Dimarco. A good book indeed. I love the way she wrote and most of the sentences is amazing. I quote it alot! And the cover is just so sweet! Sometimes I do judge a book by its cover ;p

The God girl is the most amazing girl on earth. She loves God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. She knows where she came from and where she is going. Her life isn't perfect–sometimes it’s messy. But what makes her different from just any girl is her relationship with the Creator of the universe. A God Girl isn’t just interested in God, she’s connected to Him.

Learning to be a God Girl in every area of your life doesn’t have to be hard. Find out how a God Girl:
•finds true happiness
•knows herself
•knows how to communicate
•and knows God

My favorite chapter is chapter 3, a girl who knows true happiness. A girl who knows true happiness is a girl who knows truth and loves it. Do you know and realized that worry is a sin? Because God said trust Him! Does your happiness come and go? Does you ever doubt yourself, your God and your faith? Sometimes I do.. :x

Happy comes and happy goes. But true happiness is something different. It's an undying faith no matter what happens, "it is well with my soul." The God girl may be in mourning, she may be in pain, but she never comes out from under the shelter of the wings of God. She knows that "He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge. His truth is your shield and amor" Psalm 91!

I cant. It's too hard. Im depressed. Im afraid. These are the words most often we say or think about. Agree? ;p We need to fully know that we are protected by the Creator of the universe. God never commands us to do something impossible. What could harm you? Nothing! Nothing, except what He allows it for your benefit.

Happiness is always just a thought away. Think sad thoughts and you will be sad; think happy thoughts and you will be happy. Our happiness rest in our hands. You are what you think! We need to replace those wrong thoughts with the truth. And God is the way the truth and the life. Don't ever let how you feel dictate what you believe. Feelings lie, but God's word never does. 

Hayley write this: "God does not use you greatly until He hurts you deeply." Im quite shocked when I read this, but here is the explanation.. When pain comes at you from outside of yourself (in other words, when it isn't self-inflicted), you can be sure that God wants to use it to make you stronger and more devoted. No one can find happiness in the hard times better than a God girl, because happiness depends on knowing God's hand is at work no matter what circumstances. Romans 8:28!

Okay, I will not summarize every chapter ;p So if you want to know more about this book, just buy the book. Believe me this book is worth your money and your time :)



Ni,ini beli dimana? penerbit apa?

Felisia Devi

ani, beli dimana buku nya ? bahasa inggris ya ?


"Sometimes I do judge a book by its cover ;p" sama.. gw juga klo beli buku liat cover.. haha

Hayley write this: "God does not use you greatly until He hurts you deeply."
menohok ini kalimat.. huiks!


btw.. ini bagus neh..


wuah, ani, ini beli dimana bukunya, pas di citraland kemarin yah?


@louisa and felisia and enike
aku beli pas di singapore.. itu emang agak susah dicarinya.. kmrn aja beli uda tinggal 1.. coba cari di gramed sini ga ada.. buku2 karangan dy yg lain aku cari jg g ada pdhl kayana bagus2 huhu >,< coba ke ini punya si hayley.

iyaa aku baru baca yg ini
bagus yeee simplee tpi nancep. thankuu loooo


@eden menohok ya? gw inget dimana lu nangis2 satu wc berdua sama atin n krjaan dy cm kasi u tisu aja. wakakakaka peaceee ;p

Felisia Devi

Haylen Dimarco, yang nulis buku "Sexy Girls" kan ?


iyaa sexy girls: how hot is too hot? itu yg aku srg liat di gramed sini ya.. pgn beli yg B4UD8 - Before you Dating. keren ya singkatannya.

Felisia Devi

iya bener , yg sexy girl aku udah baca..

"gaul" ya judulnya
Itu yang God Girl sampul nya menarik banget buat aku

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