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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Pillars of Manhood

Here's very worth reading article from Ps Jaeson Ma.
Like Stephanie said, this article very complete.
And this article is written by a man not woman.
Because if a woman wrote this, maybe some of you will think:
"Girl is always demanding! Wishing a guy to be like this or like that."
But because this is written from a man, means that he himself aware of how important his role as a man.

Ladies, here we go.. Here's a man worth waiting for! ;)

The 5 Pillars of Manhood
(How Men Should Love & Respect Women)

I spent the day with a group of men in our house church learning what it takes to be a man of God when it comes to loving and respecting women. In our day an age most men are not men, they are boys. Most guys still want to marry their mom, have a women serve and take care of them, are not willing to take initiative or commit in a relationship, most men are still living in fear, not pursuing their callings by settling for “safe” because its easy. This is sad, upsetting and the standard must change.

Women don’t want to marry boys, they want to marry men. Women don’t want boys they have to put up with, clean up after and take care of, they want to be lead, pursued and taken on an exciting life adventure. If you go to most of the churches in the Western world today, you will find that there are very few spiritual men, instead there are many spiritual women. It’s disappointing, but I hear it from women of faith all the time, “Pastor Jaeson, where are the godly men?”

Today, a good brother and leader in our GBS community Daniel Ra explained what God showed him to be the “5 Pillars of Manhood” in how men must love, respect and serve women. It was enlightening and reinforcing from what I have been teaching men for years when it comes to pursuing a woman of God.. of course none of us are perfect, we all have our mistakes, but we must each strive to be better and greater than what we were before yesterday, everyday making an effort to be more like God, to be just like Jesus, to be a man of faith and honor.

The 5 Pillars of Manhood..

A man must be a leader in a relationship, in a marriage, in a family. There are no excuses. A woman doesn’t want to make the decisions for her man, she wants her man to lead in the relationship. A man must take initiative. A man of God is leader, not a follower, a servant, not a slave, a hero not a coward. A man of God knows God and therefore knows himself. He should be the leader spiritually first, emotionally, mentally and physically he should set the standard for others to follow.

A real man of God will protect his partner. That means he is willing to lay down his very own life, needs and wants for the protection of the one he loves. Every decision he makes when it comes to a relationship has her protection in mind. A woman needs to feel secure, that she is protected and safe with her man. She doesn’t need to second guess, wonder if she will be okay, or have her heart and mind played with. A real man of God will not only protect his woman physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He always has the highest good in his mind for her safety, well being and wholeness.

This is for the Christian guys out there, don’t emotionally rape a sister, play with her heart and tell her you are just her brother or friend. That is BS. Man up. You either pursue a woman of God because she is God’s precious creation, or you don’t try touching it at all, or play with their hearts emotionally, unless you are willing to be up front and clear with your intentions and the direction of the relationship from the start. Emotional rape is as painful to a woman as physical rape. Women are emotional beings and their hearts are not to be played with. Protect your sisters heart.

A real man of God will do whatever it takes to provide for his significant other. That means monetarily in finances, in basic needs and as well as what she desires. When a man asks a father for his daughter in marriage, the father will not ask, “How are you doing spiritually first?” No, the first thing the father will ask is, “How will you provide for my daughter?” Because part of being and becoming a man is providing for others, especially your wife and children. If a man can’t provide, he isn’t a man. God gave us hands and we must put our hands to work, no excuses to be lazy, God made us to rule the earth. Women are not be treated as toys, trophies or a luxury item, women are God’s highest creation, the very image of God.

I tell men all the time, “Treat your woman like a queen and you will live like a king.” Don’t be cheap brothers, you need to go all out when it comes to pursuing a woman. This is not a one time thing, but a continual practice. Women were created for beauty. They were created beautiful, to feel beautiful to be treated beautiful. You don’t handle a rose without care, it is the same with a woman of God, you treat her with the utmost care, honor and respect. Practically, that means you don’t take a woman to Denny’s on a first date, you take her to a place that hurts your wallet, but it’s worth it because she is worthy.

Also, men must also provide for women emotionally. When a women asks you, “How are you doing?” She is really asking, “How are you being?” Meaning, what are you feeling, thinking, seeing, being about at the moment. To love a women we must provide at every level – basic needs all the way to providing for them mentally, emotionally and spiritually, if not their hearts will die. Be a man, provide for your women.

A true man of God is a man of his word. Too many men in our culture break promises, play with women’s hearts, date girls as if it was a game, and have no respect for women at all. This is disgusting. In old times, when a man said “You have my word!” that word was bond, it was as if an actual contract had been written, because your word was your reputation. How many men do we know today who say one thing, but do another? Men who do not keep their word, their promise or follow through with their verbal commitments. In our culture we don’t take words seriously, but in God’s world words are everything. Blessings and curses come out of the same mouth. What comes out of our mouths determines what is truly in our hearts.

What a woman wants is a man of integrity. Someone who says what he does and does what he says. Someone they can trust at their word. So as a man you must come through. Words means nothing if they are not backed up with action. Don’t say sorry unless you mean it. Don’t say sorry unless you are able to back up your apologies with doing the right thing. Integrity is doing what is right, whether people are watching or not. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Does your woman trust you completely? If not, it is a question of integrity. Don’t tell a women you love her unless your love shows, words carry weight. They either carry false weight or real weight, a woman knows when a man means what he says.

So live by your words, live by action, be a living proof of your values, convictions and commitments. Don’t get involved in a relationship unless you are sure this what you want and what God is leading you both to do. I’ve had my share of mistakes in the past, where I got into a relationship without thinking about the consequences, protecting my sisters heart and the fear of the Lord from the get go, I’ve had to make amends and face the results of my sin and foolishness. Trust me brothers, don’t do what I’ve done in the past, don’t play games, don’t feed your fleshly desires, rather seek God, seek the best interest of the one you are pursuing, be honest, forthright from the start about your commitment and your vision for the relationship and stick to your word. Be a man of integrity.

If you pursue a women, it should be with the intentions of marriage. If not, stop playing yourself and her. It’s not about finding the right woman, it’s about being the right man. That starts with first knowing God in order to know yourself, then you will know how to love and respect a woman.

You are not a man until you climb the great wall of China! This is what it says at the actual great wall. Well, I have climbed the Great Wall of China so I guess I must be more of a man than others, just kidding. What is the greater underlying message here? It is a message of courage. It is a message of adventure. A man of God is a man of courage, a man of adventure, a man who is willing to take risks and do the impossible. Men were born to live a life of great adventure. Men were created to fight battles. Men were created to rescue beauties. Men were created to live.

Sadly, most men are not living. Most men are cowards, fearful and afraid of failure. Imprisoned by their own thinking and what others think about them. Many men are just boys waiting for their mother’s approval, or the approval of others in society. Most men I know are people pleasers, not God pleasers. They are more afraid of how others may reject them or not accept them if they choose to take the road less traveled.

All men die, few men truly live.

Women don’t want nice guys or good boys, women want men on a mission, men on adventure, men who are dangerous. This is why many women are drawn to bad boys because bad boys live with a sense of risk, danger, mystery and unknown. Men were created to live fearless and to live by faith. But if you walk into a church today what you find are a bunch of boys playing with their toys, working at predictable jobs — not their true callings, and living boring lives. It’s sad, but most guys get their sense of adventure from playing video games or watching TV, what happened to our men?

A man of faith will sweep a woman of God off of her feet. He will challenge her to go the distance in God, in their relationship and in life. A man of courage is someone who in the face of fear still chooses to move forward with trust in God, setting out to obey God’s voice at whatever the cost, because that is what matters the most. We need men who have hearts fully alive, hearts full of passion and are on a mission to change the world. There is a high cost to being a man of courage, there is a price to pay if we want to be a real hero, it means we are willing to go against the grain, follow God against all odds and live a life of honor, courage and righteousness.

When a woman finds a man of courage, it will encourage her to be all that God has created her to be. As a man, your goal is not how your woman can serve you, but how can you serve your woman? As a man, your goal is not how a woman can serve your destiny, but how can you do all that you possibly can to release the fullness of God’s glory and destiny in her.

Men take the lead, protect at all costs, provide in every way, live by your word and live a life of adventure with the Holy Spirit — obey God, not man and you will be the man of God you were created to be — and your woman will love you for it.

Everytime I read this, I am still amazed.
Feels like want to bold every sentence of it.
Remember, this is a man who wrote this not woman.
So for the guys out there, seek God's heart and become a man worth waiting for ;) And for woman, stay close with our King and becoming a woman worth fighting for!

Monday, May 30, 2011

5 Wisdom

1. If you are right, then there is no need to get angry.
And if you are wrong then you don't have any right to get angry.

2. Patience with family is love
Patience with others is respect.
Patience with self is confidence.

3. Never think hard about past, It brings tears.
Don't think more about future, It brings fears.
Live this moment with a smile, It brings cheers.

4. Every test in our life makes us bitter or better.
Every problem comes to make us or break us.
Choice is ours, whether we become victim or victorious.

5. Search a beautiful heart, not a beautiful face.
Beautiful things are not always good,
but good things are always beautiful.

Bitter or Better

Hola, selama ini blogku isinya cuma postingan dari cerita2 bagus yg aku suka banget dan yg aku kumpulin. Hehe. And now its time for me to share a bit about whats God have done in my life ;)

Masa2 kemaren ini aku lagi masa2 strugglenya, lagi berasa hidupku seperti di sinetron2 aja. ( dari broke up, berenti kerja, choosing new school, dan pindah2 rumah! Ouch! But through all the circumstances, walau mau kaya sinetron I believe that my God is always on perfect control!

Okay, sekarang cerita tentang putus dulu (episode yg lainnya nyusul yah) dan gimana Tuhan bener2 pulihin hatiku..
Putusnya bisa di consider masih lumayan fresh from the oven x ya, sekitar 2bulan lalu. Saat itu aku bener2 ngerasa hancur hatiku. Bener2 gak nyangka aja, kaya geledek di siang bolong. Aku nangis 2hari nonstop, decrease 3kg in a weeks, off kerja for 2days, dan gak keluar kamar juga selama 2hari. Haha kalo dipikir2 toenk abis deh, tapi di saat itu jg aku tegesin ke diriku sendiri, I will get over him within a months only. I made a promise to my self, dalam sebulan uda harus bisa lupa harus bisa maavin and give him my prayer and my blessings. Though its not gonna be easy, walau sangat melawan hatiku, aku HARUS move on.

Bener2 struggle deh saat itu, dengan kerjaan segudang, pulang kerja jam 12malem terus. Uda emosi jiwa tingkat tinggi. Tapi I really thank God,
He reminds me that His love alone is more than enough!

Masa2 aku struggle dan roboh hatiku itu juga dimana Tuhan bener2 memeluk aku dan remind me again about my first love to Him. About His calling in my life. Yah to be honest, waktu pacaran dulu emang tetep ke greja, tetep komsel, pelayanan. Tapi yah God is not my top priority lagi, apa2 selalu dia, mau sms, mau telponan, mau ketemu, dsb. Fokusnya uda salah, and my relationship is not healthy relationship cause it doesn’t draw me near to God even more. Malah saling menyakiti sesama, ani yg ngambekan, ani yg moodyan, ani yg galak, ani yg egois. All its about me and me, I don’t know what true love really means. Love is about giving. Makin pacaran, makin redup apinya, untung gak sampai padam. Dan Tuhan tarik aku balik ke jalanNya, aku jadi inget lagi panggilan aku, kenapa aku ke greja, kenapa aku pelayanan and I really put my whole heart into it. For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. And He Himself will make sure His calling will come to past.

Jadi bersyukur banget, walau dengan putus ini, dengan robohnya hati. Tuhan bener2 ngajarin banyak bangetttt.. and yeah within a month loh aku bangkit!! Its all because of HIM!! Emang jalannya tuh gak mulus, pagi hari aku miserable banget, trus sorenya oke. Selama sebulan itu aku jatuh bangun,masi kepo cari2 tau tentang dya, dan stalk his fb or whateva yg in the end malah bikin aku tambah roboh. Maju 5 langkah, mundur 30 langkah. Tapi aku tetap berdoa, support and prayer from all my friends juga ambil andil besar! Walau aku gak bisa jalan lagi, jatuh bangun sampe puluhan kali, sampe ngerangakak terseok2 pun aku akan terus maju!! Because God never give up on me, so why should give up on my self?!!

To cut my story short, gimana cara aku get over dalam waktu singkat? Padahal temen2 aku pada bilang mrka biasanya putus and recover dalem itungan 6months until 1year. Ada ketakutan di hatiku, gmn Tuhan kalau ani uda ga bisa bangkit lagi? Gimana kalau ani sedih2 terus? Gimana kalau ani takut pacaran lagi? Gimana kalau ani kepaitan dsb dsb dsb. Tapi I believe that my God is the God who makes all things new!

Aku sempet takut tidur loh, soalnya pas tidur selalu mimpi pas jaman2 aku pacaran sama dia, mimpi kita nonton Cinderella on ice, mimpi mainan sama doggie aku, mimpi dinner sama my family. Terus pas bangun aku harus terima kenyataan kan kalo aku uda putus dan semuanya uda selsai. Seminggu mimpi gitu terus, stress polllll. Terus anita tiba2 kasi blognya ci lia, eh pas banget sama keadaanku, baca disini deh. Jadilah sebelon tidur aku selalu tumpang tangan di kepala bagian belakang, serahin semua alam bawah sadarku ke tanganNya.. and taaadaaaa uda ga pernah mimpi lagi tuh. Pertolongan Tuhan tuh gile bener yah ajib dah, aku gak tau loh harus gimana and ngapain pas mimpi ini terus, eh anita kasi blog ci lia ini di waktu yg super tepat dan aku jadi tau aku harus doain alam bawah sadarku. Dan anita saat itu ga tau kalo aku lagi sering mimpi2 begini. Bener2 pekerjaan Tuhan deh. Thanks dearly anita dan ci lia ;)

And I take time to fast for 2 weeks. Puasa dari mikirin dya, puasa dari stalk2 fb, puasa dari semua pertanyaan yg going on in my mind. Dan fokus sama janji2 Tuhan, ini beberapa pertanyaan dan pikiran yg bikin aku struggle dan susah untuk move on dan apa yg Tuhan jawab \(»ˆ⌣ˆ«)/

Tuhan kenapa sih Tuhan kok ani diputusinnya super ga jelas alasannya? Kenapa tiba2 banget sih? Kaya diserbu banteng nih rasanya.
My precious child, things can change over night and you need to be ready. You need to make yourself always available for Me. Read Gen 22, Abraham was ready present his only child to Me. Son that he waited for 100years. How about you anie? Wheres your heart leading towards, through the bad moments, hard moments, hurt moments?

Tuhan tuh cowo otaknya apa sih kok bisa2nya lupain ani cepet banget and langsung chasing another girl? Tuh cewe juga cewe apaan coba?!
Matthew 7:1-5
Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Tuhan ani ga tau nih sampe kapan ani mesti tahan, sesek bener nih rasanya huhu pengen maki2 dya rasanya..
Dear, I tell you not to forgive seven times but forgive seventy times seven nie. You always ask for My forgiveness, but is it not clear enough to you that I want you to forgive others so you will be forgiven too?

Ani ngerasa gak bakal bisa nemuin atau dapetin cowo kaya dya lagi, gimana kalau ani ga bakal temuin my prince charming? Sama dya uda enak banget loh, uda bareng2 3taonan huhu
My beloved, I know who is the best person for your life. I always work behind your scene. It is very painful thing to think that you are somebody else’s wife or girl friend. Or something that you are not meant to be. Its envy! Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in all the ways I command you, that it may go well with you.

Tuhan ani takut kalau ntar Tuhan ketemuin ani lagi sama dya di masa depan. Moga2 jangan deh ya, choi3x (ketuk kayu pake kepala bukan pake tangan lagi). Atau ani juga takut kalau ntar ketemu dya sama cewe barunya, gimana tohhh
Anie, please remember your rhema.. 1philippians4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Kenapa sih harus putus? Bukannya ani selalu berdoa dan bawa hubungan ini ke dalam tanganMu? Kenapa dulu Tuhan ketemuin sama dya? Kenapa juga putusnya skr bukan dari dulu dulu aja pas belon sayang2 banget?
Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Tuhan, ani pengen banget loh tembakin dya biar dya tau rasa sakitnya gimana. Pengen banget kutuk2 dya, its so hard for me to forgive him oh Lord.
When I said, it is Mine to avenge, I will repay and do not let hatred occupy your heart so My love and My joy can overflowing in your life. Everything I said and I do is for your own good. You always asked me to teach you how to love others like I have loved you. Now it’s the time for you to practice it. When you know how to love, in the end of the day you will get love that you can never imagine.

Yah itulah beberapa pertanyaan yg terus2an berputar di kepalaku ketika masa2 aku struggle. Dan Tuhan mendengar semua teriakan2ku.. Bapa, I know that every tears that I cry is precious in Your eyes. I know that broken hearts broken life You can take them all. And God I consider that my present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in me.

Kesimpulannya, saya sangat berterima kasih karena putus ini ;) Enggak lagi melihat sebagai hal yg buruk tapi aku melihat bahwa tangan Tuhan sedang merenda suatu karya yang agung mulia ;) Mungkin ada sakit yang parah, ada air mata yg ga abis2, ada makanan basi yg ga dimakan. Tapi inget, bahagia itu adalah pilihan. Setiap kita jatuh, kita harus bangkit lagi. Many times I have been forced to my knees, realizing there was no other place to go.

Our natural response to suffering is to become bitter,
but God desires to use that every suffering to make you better.
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.
1 Corinthians 10:13

So lets become better and better with God ;)

And special thanks to my family, my leaders, my mentors, my oikos friends, my LOG, my LOUD! people, my school friends, and his friends too for your time, your ear, your support and especially your prayer ;) You guys really made a big difference in my life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Other Side of The Bridge

The man prayed for help.
Then he saw God on the other side of the bridge.

This man called out to God and asked Him to come near,
but God refused to move.

The man got ANGRY.

With great difficulty,
he walked slowly,
shakily until reached the other side of the bridge.

He was about to question God why He didn't come near.
Words failed him.

He saw and realized..
That God was holding the other end of the bridge
securely to keep it from falling, until the man crossed safely.

The man was speechless,
but God was smiling at him and hugged him.

The father said,
"Child, I told you, I'm gonna keep you safe.
You won't fall. You just have to trust me.
Never will I leave You, Never will I forsake you."


Pas baca cerita ini jadi inget satu lagu..
He will make a way, where there's seems to be no way.
He works in ways we can not see.
He will make a way for me.

Isaiah 55:8-9
8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Lukisan Yang Dicoret-coret

Suatu hari, ada seorang pelukis terkenal sedang menyelesaikan lukisannya.

Lukisan ini adalah lukisan yg sangat bagus dan
akan diperlihatkan pada saat pernikahan Putri Diana.

Sang pelukis sangat senang ketika menyelesaikan lukisannya.
Dia memandangi lukisannya yg berukuran 2x8 m,
sambil memandanginya pelukis tersebut tanpa disadari,
telah berjalan mundur..

Dan ketika berjalan mundur,
pelukis tersebut tidak melihat ke belakang.

Dia terus berjalan mundur dan mundur
hingga di belakangnya adalah ujung dari gedung yg tinggi sekali
dan tinggal satu langkah lagi dia akan mengakhiri hidupnya.

Salah seorang melihat pelukis tersebut
dan hendak berteriak untuk memperingatkan pelukis itu,
tapi tidak jadi..
karena dia berpikir mungkin ketika mendengar teriakannya,
pelukis itu akan kaget dan malah jatuh ke belakang

Kemudian orang tsb mengambil kuas dan cat yg ada di depan lukisan,
lalu mencoret-coret lukisan tersebut sampai rusak.

Pelukis tersebut sangatlah marah dan maju hendak memukul orang tersebut,
tapi beberapa orang yang ada di situ menghadang dan
memperlihatkan posisi pelukis tadi yg nyaris jatuh.

Pesan Moral,
Kadang-kadang kita telah melukiskan masa depan kita dengan sangat bagus dan memimpikan suatu hari yg indah.

Tetapi lukisan itu 'kelihatannya' dirusak oleh ALLAH,
karena DIA melihat bahaya yg ada pada kita kalau kita melangkah.

Kadang-kadang kita marah, jengkel dan kecewa terhadap TUHAN.

Tapi perlu kita ketahui,
TUHAN selalu menyediakan yg terbaik untuk kita, anak²Nya.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
and He will make your paths straight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Koin Penyok

Seorang lelaki berjalan tak tentu arah dgn rasa putus asa.
Kondisi finansial keluarganya morat-marit.

Saat menyusuri jalanan sepi, kakinya terantuk sesuatu.
Ia membungkuk dan menggerutu kecewa.
“Uh, hanya sebuah koin kuno yg sudah penyok.”
Meskipun begitu ia membawa koin itu ke bank.

“Sebaiknya koin in dibawa ke kolektor uang kuno,”
kata teller itu memberi saran. Lelaki itu membawa koinnya ke kolektor.
Beruntung sekali, koinnya dihargai 30 dollar.

Lelaki itu begitu senang.
Saat lewat toko perkakas, dilihatnya beberapa lembar kayu obral.
Dia pun membeli kayu seharga 30 dollar utk membuat rak buat istrinya.
Dia memanggul kayu tersebut dan beranjak pulang.

Di tengah perjalanan dia melewati bengkel pembuat mebel.
Mata pemilik bengkel sudah terlatih melihat
kayu bermutu yg dipanggul lelaki itu.
Dia menawarkan lemari 100 dollar utk menukar kayu itu.
Setelah setuju, dia meminjam gerobak utk membawa pulang lemari itu.

Di tengah perjalanan dia melewati perumahan baru.
Seorang wanita melihat lemari yg indah itu dan menawarnya 200 dollar.
Lelaki itu ragu-ragu. Si wanita menaikkan tawarannya menjadi 250 dollar.
Lelaki itupun setuju dan mengembalikan gerobaknya.

Saat sampai di pintu desa, dia ingin memastikan uangnya.
Ia merogoh sakunya dan menghitung lembaran bernilai 250 dollar.
Tiba-tiba seorang perampok keluar dari semak-semak,
mengacungkan belati, merampas uang itu, lalu kabur.

Istrinya kebetulan melihat dan berlari mendekati suaminya seraya bertanya,
“Apa yg terjadi? Engkau baik saja kan? Apa yg diambil oleh perampok tadi?”

Lelaki itu mengangkat bahunya dan berkata,
“Oh, bukan apa-apa. Hanya sebuah koin penyok yang kutemukan tadi pagi”.

Demikianlah Tuhan mengatur hak-hak kita..
Bila kita sadar kita tak pernah benar2 memiliki apapun, kenapa saat kehilangan kita harus tenggelam dalam kepedihan yang berlebihan?

Beauty Tips

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other people.

To lose weight, let go of stress, hatred, anger, contentment and the need to control others.

To improve your ears, listen to the word of God. Rather than focus on the thorns of life, smell the roses and count your blessings, giving thanks for each one of them.

For poise, walk with knowledge and self-esteem.To strengthen your arms, hug at least 3 people a day. Touch someone with your love.

To strengthen your heart, forgive yourself and others. Don't worry and hurry so much.

Rather than walk this earth lightly, walk firmly with determination and leave your mark.

For the ultimate in business, casual or evening attire put on the robe of Christ; it fits like a glove but allows room for growth. Best of all, it never goes out of style and is appropriate for any occasion.

Doing these things on a daily basis will certainly make you a more beautiful person.

Peace Is Not The Absence Of Trouble But The Presence of God

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Hal dan 7 Kata

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, atau sebulan lalu Ibu Sanny kotbah di gereja tentang 7 hal yang cewe gak suka dari cowo. Dan ada 7 hal yang cowo gak suka juga dari cewe.
Ini rangkumannya..

Sifat cowo yang gak disuka cewe:
1. Pelit dan perhitungan
2. Kasar
3. Tidak setia
4. Bodoh
5. Tidak tegas
6. Egois
7. Pemalas

Sifat cewe yang gak disuka cowo:
1. Cerewet
2. Curiga yang berlebihan
3. Malas
4. Bodoh
5. Ngatur-ngatur
6. Ngerumpi
7. Membandingkan

Hmm, pas di review mank bener sih. Ini adalah 7 hal yg menonjol yang paling gak aku sukain dari cowo.. Kalau kalian gimana? hehe..
Dan Ibu Sanny kasi solusinya. Simple banget..

Cara mengubahnya dimulai dari 7 kata saja. Simple banget kan..
7 kata itu adalah;
Tuhan ubah dia mulai dari diri saya

Guys, bener banget. Seringkali kita mengharapkan orang ini begini, begitu. Baik terhadap pacar, orang tua ataupun teman.
Padahal di Bible jelas2 di state So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Matthew7:12

Its not about finding a great man, is not about finding a best friend but its about become a great woman ;) And for sure the great man will find you..

So as simple as abc, Tuhan ubah dia mulai dari diri saya. Amin!

Monday, May 23, 2011

He Has To Throw A Brick At Us

young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down

he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared.
Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door!
He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver,

jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against

parked car shouting, 'What was that all about and who are you?
Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?'

The young boy was apologetic. 'Please, mister.. please,
I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do,'
He pleaded. 'I threw the brick because no one else would stop..'
With tears dripping down his face and off his chin,
the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car.
'It's my brother, he said. 'He rolled off the curb and fell out of
his wheelchair and I can't lift him up.'

sobbing, the boy asked the stunned executive,
'Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair?
He's hurt and he's too heavy for me.'

beyond words, the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. He hurriedly lifted the handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything was going to be okay. 'Thank you and may God bless you,' the grateful child told the stranger. Too shook up for words, the man simply watched the boy push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk toward their home.

was a long, slow walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair the dented side door.

He kept the dent there to remind him of this message:
'Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick
at you to get your attention!'

God whispers in our souls and speaks to our hearts.
Sometimes when we don't have time to listen,
He has to throw a brick at us.
It's our choice to listen or not.

Thought for the Day:

God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.

sends you flowers every spring.

sends you a sunrise every morning. Face it, friend - He is crazy about you!

didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,
sun without rain, but..
He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears,
and light for the way.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!

Something Called Life


A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage.
They were a loving couple and the boy was the gem of their eyes..

When the boy was around two years old,
one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open.
He was late for office so he asked his wife to cap the bottle
and keep it in the cupboard.

His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen totally forgot the matter.
The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle
fascinated by its color and drank it all.

It happened to be a poisonous medicine meant for adults in small dosages.
When the child collapsed the mother hurried him to the hospital,
where he died.

The mother was stunned.
She was terrified how to face her husband.
When the distraught father came to the hospital and saw the dead child,
he looked at his wife and uttered just five words.

1. What were the five words ?
2. What is the implication of this story?

The husband just said "I am with you Darling"

The husband's totally unexpected reaction is a proactive behavior.
The child is dead..
He can never be brought back to life.
There is no point in finding fault with the mother.
Besides, if only he had taken time to keep the bottle away,
this would not have happened. No one is to be blamed.
She had also lost her only child.
What she needed at that moment was consolation and
sympathy from the husband.
That is what he gave her.

If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective,
there would be much fewer problems in the world.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.
And you will find things are actually not as difficult as you think..

This story is really worth reading..
Sometimes we spend time in asking who is responsible or whom to blame,
whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know.

By this way we miss out something called L.I.F.E.

The Man Who Took The SON Gets Everything

This is great, take a moment to read it, it will make your day!

The ending will surprise you

A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, from Picasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art.

When the Vietnam conflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son.

About a month later, just before Christmas, there was a knock at the door.
A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands.

He said, 'Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly. He often talked about you, and your love for art.' The young man held out this package. 'I know this isn't much. I'm not really a great artist, but I think your son would have wanted you to have this.'

The father opened the package. It was a portrait of his son, painted by the young man. He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting. The father was so drawn to the eyes that his own eyes welled up with tears. He thanked the young man and offered to pay him for the picture. 'Oh, no sir, I could never repay what your son did for me. It's a gift.'

The father hung the portrait over his mantle. Every time visitors came to his home he took them to see the portrait of his son before he showed them any of the other great works he had collected.

The man died a few months later. There was to be a great auction of his paintings Many influential people gathered, excited over seeing the great paintings and having an opportunity to purchase one for their collection.

On the platform sat the painting of the son The auctioneer pounded his gavel. 'We will start the bidding with this picture of the son. Who will bid for this picture?'

There was silence.

Then a voice in the back of the room shouted, 'We want to see the famous paintings. Skip this one.'

But the auctioneer persisted. 'Will somebody bid for this painting. Who will start the bidding? $100, $200?'

Another voice angrily. 'We didn't come to see this painting. We came to see the Van Gogh's, the Rembrandt's. Get on with the real bids!'

But still the auctioneer continued. 'The son! The son! Who'll take the son?'

Finally, a voice came from the very back of the room. It was the longtime gardener of the man and his son. 'I'll give $10 for the painting.' Being a poor man, it was all he could afford.

'We have $10, who will bid $20?'

'Give it to him for $10. Let's see the masters.'

'$10 is the bid, won't someone bid $20?'

The crowd was becoming angry. They didn't want the picture of the son.

They wanted the more worthy investments for their collections.

The auctioneer pounded the gavel. 'Going once, twice, SOLD for $10!'

A man sitting on the second row shouted, 'Now let's get on with the collection!'

The auctioneer laid down his gavel. 'I'm sorry, the auction is over.'

'What about the paintings?'

'I am sorry. When I was called to conduct this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will. I was not allowed to reveal that stipulation until this time. Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought that painting would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings.

The man who took the son gets everything!'

God gave His son 2,000 years ago to die on the cross. Much like the auctioneer, His message today is: 'The son, the son, who'll take the son?'

Because, you see, whoever takes the Son gets everything.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Heaven and Hell

Bill Gates met God, and God said,
“Well, Bill, I’m really confused on this one. I’m not sure whether to send you to Heaven or to Hell. After all, you enormously helped society by putting a computer in almost every home in the world, and yet you created that ghastly Windows. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to let you decide where you want to go.”

Bill Gates said, “What’s the difference between the two?”

God said, “It might help you decide if you took a peek at both places.
Shall we look at Hell first?”

Bill was amazed.
He saw a clean, white sandy beach with clear waters. There were thousands of beautiful men and women running around, playing in the water, laughing and frolicking about. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect.

“This is great!” said Bill. “If this is Hell, I can’t wait to see Heaven.”
God said, “Let’s go!” and off they went to Heaven.

Bill saw puffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky, with angels drifting about playing harps and singing. It was nice, but surely not as enticing as Hell. Bill thought for only a brief moment and rendered his decision.

“God, I do believe I would prefer to go to Hell.”
“As you wish,” said God.

Two weeks later, God decided to check up on the late billionaire to see how things were going. He found Bill shackled to a wall, screaming amidst the hot flames in a dark cave. He was being tortured by demons with pitchforks.

“How ya doin’, Bill?” asked God.
Bill responded with anguish and despair,
“This is awful! This is not what I expected at all! What happened to the beach and the beautiful women playing in the water?”

“Oh, that,” said God.
“That was the screen saver.”

The Main Thing is The Only Thing

Sometimes all you can give is love
Sometimes all you have is not enough

Sometimes life is like a dream
Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem

Sometimes laughter can heal your heart
Sometimes it’s laughter that breaks it apart

Sometimes the world goes faster than you can go
Sometimes even fast is still too slow

Sometimes going home is the only thing on your mind
Sometimes home is the only place you can’t find

Sometimes you are too tired to sleep
Sometimes you are too sad to weep

Sometimes freedom holds you back
Sometimes a wedding dress is black

Sometimes loneliness is what you need
Sometimes there’s a harvest without a seed

Sometimes darkness can be too bright
Sometimes rain gives you delight

Sometimes you think you understand
Sometimes you know you really can’t

Sometimes what sets you free are restrictions
Sometimes what makes most sense are contradictions

Liebe und Leben

Wogh, I wrote this on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 10:57pm
From my Facebook notes.
And from all my notes, this one is my favourite.
Some of the quotes taken from internet, books, etc.
So long ago but when I read it again and again Im still loving it ;)

Here we go..

Love is not finding someone you can live with
It is finding someone you can live without..
True love does not come by finding the perfect person,
but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly..
Love is not about finding the right person,
but creating a right relationship.
It's not about how much love you have in the beginning,
but how much love you build till the end.
and in the end,
the love we take is equal to the love we make
It's not love when it starts to hurt
If you wished to be loved, love!

Love is never wanting to lose faith,
never wanting to give up, and never truly moving on.
Love is knowing and praying in the deepest part of what's left of
your heart that they feel the same.

The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most.

Some people say that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.
But its really not like that. You always know what you have,
you just never thought that you would lose it.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.
People change so that you can learn to let go.
Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right.
You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,
and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Sometimes we need to forget about the people from our past,
because there must have been good reason
God didn't make it to our present..

God never close the door,
without opening another one..
He always gives us something which is much better
when He takes something away from us.

Nothing lasts forever. Forever is one God owns

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances,
losing and finding happiness,
appreciating the memories,
learning from the past,
and realizing people change..

Life is not about searching for the things that could be found
it's about letting the unexpected happen,
and finding the things you never searched for..

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot,
who calls you back when you hang up on him,
who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat,
or will stay awake just to watch you sleep..
wait for the boy who kisses your forehead,
who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats,
who holds your hand in front of his friends,
who thinks you' re just as pretty without makeup on.
One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares
and how lucky he is to have you..
The one who turns to his friends and says, that's her..

Ich Vermisse Deutsch

A - Z

A-lthough things are not perfect
B-ecause of trial or pain
C-ontinue in thanksgiving
D-o not begin to blame

E-ven when the times are hard
F-ierce winds are bound to blow
G-od is forever able
H-old on to what you know

I-magine life without His love
J-oy would cease to be
K-eep thanking Him for all the things
L-ove imparts to thee

M-ove out of "Camp Complaining"
N-o weapon that is known
O-n earth can yield the power
P-raise can do alone

Q-uit looking at the future
R-edeem the time at hand
S-tart every day with worship
T-o "thank" is a command

U-ntil we see Him coming
V-ictorious in the sky
W-e'll run the race with gratitude
X-alting God most high

Y-es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Z-ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

God Say's I..

God say's I..

( A ) ccepts you as you are
( B ) elieves in "you"
( C ) alls you just to say "HI"
( D ) oesn't give up on you
( E ) nvisions the whole of you
( F ) orgives your mistakes
( D ) ives unconditionally
( H ) elps you
( I ) nvites you over
( J ) ust "be" with you
( K ) eeps you close at heart
( L ) oves you for who you are
( M ) akes a difference in your life
( N ) ever Judges
( O ) ffers support
( P ) icks you up
( Q ) uiets your fears
( R ) aises your spirits
( S ) ays nice things about you
( T ) ells you the truth when you need to hear it
( U ) nderstands you
( V ) alues you
( W ) alks beside you
( X ) plain things you don't understand
( Y ) ells when you won't listen


( Z ) aps you back to reality..

Taken from:

A Time For Everything

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:

a time to be born and a time to die

a time to plant and a time to uproot

a time to kill and a time to heal

a time to tear down and a time to build

a time to weep and a time to laugh

a time to mourn and a time to dance

a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them

a time to embrace and a time to refrain

a time to search and a time to give up

a time to keep and a time to throw away

a time to tear and a time to mend

a time to be silent and a time to speak

a time to love and a time to hate

a time for war and a time for peace

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;
yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

The Value of a Life

You need to read this ;)
Very touching and inspiring..

A British factory worker and his wife were excited when,
after many years of marriage,
they discovered they were going to have their first child.

According to author Jill Briscoe, who told this true story,
the man eagerly relayed the good news to his fellow workers.
He told them God had answered his prayers.
But they made fun of him for asking God for a child.

When the baby was born, he was diagnosed as having Down syndrome.
As the father made his way to work for the first time after the birth,
he wondered how to face his co-workers.
"God, please give me wisdom," he prayed.

Just as he feared, some said mockingly,
"So, God gave you this child!"

The new father stood for a long time,
silently asking God for help.

At last he said,
"I'm glad the Lord gave this child to me and not to you."

As this man accepted his disabled son as God's gift to him,
so King David was pleased to show kindness to Saul's grandson who was "lame in his feet" (2 Samuel 9:3).
Some may have rejected Mephibosheth because he was lame,
but David's action showed that he valued him.

In God's eyes, every person is important.
He sent His only Son to die for us.
May we remember with gratitude
how much He values each human life.
— Dave Branon

Lord, we would see in those we meet
The likeness of Your image there,
And may their special dignity
Grow stronger from our love and care.
— D. De Haan

Everyone is valuable to God.

Taken from:

Dua Orang Ibu

Dua org ibu memasuki toko pakaian & membeli baju seragam anaknya.

Ternyata pemilik tokonya lagi bad mood shg tidak melayani dengan baik, malah terkesan buruk, tidak sopan dengan muka cemberut.

Ibu pertama jelas jengkel menerima layanan yg buruk seperti itu.
Yg mengherankan, ibu kedua tetap enjoy, bahkan bersikap sopan kepada penjualnya.

Ibu pertama bertanya, “Mengapa Ibu bersikap demikian sopan pd penjual menyebalkan itu?”

Lantas dijawab, “Mengapa aku harus mengizinkan dia menentukan caraku dlm bertindak? Kitalah sang penentu atas hidup kita, bukan org lain.”

"Tapi ia melayani dengan buruk sekali," bantah Ibu pertama.

"Itu masalah dia. Kalau dia mau bad mood, tidak sopan, melayani dengan buruk dll, toh tidak ada kaitannya dg kita. Kalau kita sampai terpengaruh, berarti kita membiarkan dia mengatur& menentukan hidup kita, padahal kitalah yang bertanggung jawab atas diri kita," jelas Ibu kedua.

Tindakan kita kerap dipengaruhi oleh tindakan org lain kpd kita. Kalau org melakukan hal buruk, kita akan membalasnya dengan hal yg lebih buruk lagi. Dan sebaliknya.

Kalau org tidak sopan, kita akan lebih tidak sopan lagi. Kalau org lain pelit terhadap kita, kita yg semula pemurah tiba2 jadinya sedemikian pelit kalau harus berurusan dengan org tersebut. Ini berarti tindakan kita dipengaruhi oleh tindakan org lain.

Kalau direnungkan, sebenarnya betapa tidak arifnya tindakan kita. Mengapa untuk berbuat baik saja, harus menunggu diperlakukan dengan baik oleh org lain dulu?

Jagalah suasana hati sendiri, jangan biarkan sikap buruk org lain menentukan cara kita bertindak! Kitalah sang penentu yang sesungguhnya!

I'm an ACTOR, not reactor.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Is Still Going

A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke.

All laughed like crazy.
After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.

He cracked the same joke again & again,
when there was no laughter in the crowd,
he smiled and said:

"When you can't laugh on the same joke again & again,
then why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again."

Forget the past & see the future

Life is still going..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Letter From God to You

To My precious child:

Because I knew even before I created the earth that you would accept My love for you, and that you would seek to know Me thus…

In the beginning I created the heavens and the earth. Then at the right time and in the right place I created you. I created your inner most being, I created every part of you, I knit you together in your mother's womb. You were carefully and wonderfully made; my works are wonderful, and you My precious child are my work. My eyes saw your unformed body. All the days planned for you were written in my book before one of them came to be. How precious are my thoughts for you, How great is the number of them! If you were to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.

Listen to me, My precious child; I created you and have cared for you since before you were born. I will be your God throughout your lifetime, until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you. I will carry you in my arms, holding you close to my heart. For I know the plans that I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

My precious child there are some times of suffering in your life. But the temporary suffering of this life does not compare to the glory that shall be revealed in you. Know this that I am with you and I will help you. Your help comes from me, I am the God who created the heavens and the earth, and the one who created you. I will never leave you, I will never reject you. When your parents fail you I will pick you up, hold you close, and adopt you. Nothing can ever separate you from my love for you. When you are in trouble and distress my love is with you. When you are persecuted my love is with you. When you are hungry and cold and naked my love is with you, I am always with you. When you are in danger and threatened with death my love is with you, I will be with you forever.

My precious child know that nothing can separate you from my love, no matter how high you go, no matter how deep you sink, nothing in life and not even death can separate you from Me, and My love for you. No demon or any other power in hell can separate you from my love. My love for you is revealed through Christ Jesus your Lord. In all things and every situation you will have victory, you will conquer, because the victory of Christ Jesus is your victory.

But now, My precious child, I the LORD, who created you and formed you, says: Do not be afraid, for I have purchased you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, they will not over flow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. I command you to be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid; do not be dismayed, for I, the LORD your God will be with you everywhere you go.

My precious child, know that everything will work together for your good, because you love me. You have been called according to my purpose. For I knew you before you were born and I predestined you to be conformed to the likeness of my Son, Jesus Christ. This is your destiny, and this is your purpose, that you become one with my Son Jesus, and thus one with me. I created you in my image so that you and I can express love to each other. The most intimate relationship you can have is with me because you and I are becoming one. You and your brothers and sisters that believe in me are becoming one with Jesus, and thus one with me. You in me, and me in you, together, unified by my love for you. You were designed for this purpose, nothing else will ever satisfy your deepest needs, your deepest desires, only I can. Because you seek to know me I satisfy your heart with love, joy, and peace that only I can give you.

My precious child if you should forget me, and enter into sin, and not turn back to Me on your own then I will punish you. Because your sin will separate you from feeling My presence, and My influence, and I want you to return to your first love, the One who loves you. I the Lord discipline those I love, and I punish everyone who I accept as my child. Just as a good Father disciplines His children to turn them away from a dangerous path, so I shall discipline you for your good, that you may share in My holiness. No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

My precious child, When you confess your sins, I am faithful and just and will forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. In repentance and resting in Me is your salvation, in quietness and trusting Me is your strength. I will create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you. I will not send you away from My presence, and I will not take My Holy Spirit from you. I will restore again the joy of your salvation, and make you willing to obey Me. Then you will teach My ways to sinners, and they will return to Me also. Humble yourself, therefore, under My mighty hand, that I may lift you up at the right time.

My precious child do not forget all my benefits, I forgive all your sins and heal all your diseases, I rescue your life from the pit of destruction and crown you with love and compassion. I satisfy your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. I The LORD work righteousness and justice for all the oppressed; I The LORD am compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. I will not always accuse, nor will I harbor my anger forever; I do not treat you as your sins deserve or repay you according to your iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is My love for you because you fear Me; as far as the east is from the west, so far have I removed your transgressions from you.

My precious child, call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Always pray to Me about your every concern, pray from your mouth and pray from your heart, I hear every thought that you think. Everything that you care about, I care about also because it concerns you. Cast all your cares and anxiety on Me because I love you. Trust in Me, the LORD YOUR GOD, with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding; In everything acknowledge Me, And I will direct your paths. Do not worry about anything, but in everything big or small, by prayer, with thanksgiving, present your requests to Me, the Most High God. And I will give you My peace in your heart, peace that is beyond all human understanding, and it will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Always be joyful. Keep on praying always. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is My will for you because you belong to Me.

My precious child, Study My Book of law and truth, the Holy Bible, do not let My words depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. My words are Spirit and they are Life. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you will, and it will be given you. For the word of God is living and powerful. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. The most important thing you will ever own is your Bible because it gives you knowledge of Me, The Most High God. It makes the poor rich, it gives hope to the hopeless, faith to the fearful, food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, love to the despised, comfort to the lonely, freedom to the prisoner, health to the sick, light in the darkness, and life to the dying.

My precious child I have set up circumstances and situations in your life to cause you to seek Me and find Me. I desire that you know Me. I am The Lord your God, full of compassion, and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But My precious child glory in this, That you understand and know Me, That I am the LORD, exercising compassion, lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight and take pleasure.

All things are created for My pleasure and My pleasure is to show forth loving compassion. I have compassion on the poor and needy, and I am a Father to the fatherless, I help them, and I defend them. Far below Me are the heavens and the earth, I stoop to look down, and I lift the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump and I set them among princes. My precious child I want you to do these things also, have compassion on the poor and needy and help them, this is what it means to know Me. For I am Love, and when you live in love, you live in Me, and I live in you. Loving compassion is good, and this is what I require from you, to do what is right, to love compassion, and to walk humbly with your God.

As a father has compassion on his children, so I your LORD have compassion on you because you fear Me; for I know how you were formed, I remember that you are dust. Forever and ever My love is with you because you fear Me, and My righteousness with your children's children; with those who keep My covenant and remember to obey My laws. My law is to love. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments all of My laws are based. When you walk in love you are obeying all My laws. When you walk in Love you are walking in My Holy Spirit for I AM LOVE!

My precious child come and live in My shelter, in the protection of the Most High God, you will find rest in the presence of the Almighty. You will say, "This I declare of the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I am trusting him." My precious child I will rescue you from every trap and protect you from the fatal plague. I will shield you with My wings. I will shelter you with My feathers. My faithful promises are your armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor fear the dangers of the day, nor dread the plague that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you. But you will see it with your eyes; you will see how the wicked are punished.

Because you My precious child make the LORD your refuge, because you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your dwelling. For I order My angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you with their hands to keep you from striking your foot on a stone. You will trample down lions and poisonous snakes; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!

My precious child, My servant, and My friend, whom I have chosen, I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will hold you up with my righteous right hand. All who come against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you. Do not be afraid, for I myself will help you declares the LORD, your Redeemer. You will rejoice in the LORD and glory in the Holy One of Israel.

My precious child, when you asked Me to forgive your sins and come into your heart I sent My Holy Spirit into you to comfort you, to give you power, and as proof to you that I have adopted you as My child. The Holy Spirit shall lead you into all truth because He shall testify of Jesus, and He will give you power to testify of Jesus. I will speak to you through My Holy Spirit that is in you, He will tell you what is right and wrong, what is love and hate. My Holy Spirit is a gentle whisper inside your heart telling you the path to walk in. If you walk in My Spirit you will walk in love, you will not sin. And you will see great and mighty things happen before you, they will not be accomplished by strength, nor by outside force, but by My Spirit says the LORD ALMIGHTY. Through My Holy Spirit I shall give you supernatural gifts that you may be blessed, and that you shall bless others through demonstrating My love for them. My Holy Spirit will be with you through out your whole life, and after I will receive you into My glory.

I your LORD say to you I will rescue you because you love me. I will protect you because you trust in my name. When you call on me, I will answer; I will be with you in trouble. I will rescue you and honor you. I will satisfy you with a long life and give you my salvation. Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me. It is your destiny.

Thus Says THE LORD Your GOD!

50 things

1. Tidak masalah dimanapun anda berada sekarang, anda mungkin telah membuat beberapa kesalahan, anda mungkin telah gagal ribuan kali, tetapi pahamilah bahwa itu tidak mengubah nilai anda dimata Tuhan. Anda tidak ada di bumi ini secara kebetulan, Tuhan mempunyai suatu rencana dan suatu maksud bagi anda

2. Anda mungkin telah membuat kesalahan, tetapi jangan biarkan kesalahan anda membuat anda tetap tergeletak, bangkitlah lagi dan berjalan lagi

3. Mempersalahkan diri sendiri atas segala sesuatu yang salah yang telah anda lakukan

4. Terimalah apa yang Tuhan telah berikan kepada anda dan buatlah yang terbaik dari semua itu

5. Jika anda berjuang melalui masa2 sukar, mulailah mengatakan : aku akan keluar dari pengalaman ini dengan sukacita dua kali lipat, damai sejahtera dua kali lipat, kehormatan dua kali lipat dan promosi dua kali lipat
Setiap hari anda bangun nyatakanlah: ini akan menjadi hari kemenangan dalam hidupku, aku menantikan kemurahan Tuhan yang belum pernah aku terima sebelumnya, promosi peningkatan kemurahan kebahagian semuanya akan datang kepadaku

6. Kita tidak bisa merubah masa lalu, tetapi kita bisa mengubah masa depan dengan membuat pilihan-pilihan yang benar hari ini

7. Setiap kali anda menolak godaan, anda satu langkah lebih dekat pada kemenangan anda

8. Aku akan membuat pilihan-pilihan yang baik mulai hari ini

9. Setiap keputusan benar yang kita buat, setiap kali kita menolak godaan, setiap kali kita menhormati Tuhan, saat kita melakukan hal-hal yang benar, tidak hanya kita yang akan naik lebih tinggi, tetapi kita sedang menjadikan keadaan lebih mudah bagi generasi yang akan datang setelah kita

10. Setiap kali anda bertahan, setiap kali anda setia, setiap kali anda melayani orang lain, anda sedang membuat suatu perbedaan, anda sedang menyimpan kebaikan dlm "rekening keturunan" anda

11. Jika segala sesuatu yang terjadi didalam waktu hidup anda tidak sesuai dengan yang anda inginkan, teruslah lakukan yang terbaik

12.Jangan ambil jalan pintas, teruslah lakukan yang terbaik bahkan walaupun itu sukar. Teruslah mengasihi, memberi dan melayani karena kesetiaan anda diperhatikan di Surga

13. Setiap pelanggaran yg anda ampuni, setiap kebiasaan buruk yg anda patahkan,setiap kemenangan yg anda dapatkan akan mendatangkan kebaikan bagi orang2 yg datang setelah anda

14. Pahamilah, bahwa Tuhan menyimpan suatu karunia, suatu harta karun didalam diri anda, tetapi anda harus melakukan bagian anda untuk memunculkannya

15. Kita harus menyukai apa yang kita lakukan

16. Aku mungkin tidak sempurna, tetapi aku tahu bahwa aku sedang bertumbuh

17. Selama kita melakukan yang terbaik, kita tidak perlu hidup dengan terhukum, bahkan saat kita membuat kesalahan atau gagal

18. Jika anda membuat kesalahan dengan hidup dalam rasa bersalah hari ini karena sesuatu yang terjadi kemarin, anda tidak akan mempunyai kekuatan yang anda perlukan untuk hidup pada hari ini dalam kemenangan

19. Anda harus mulai bangun setiap pagi dan mengatakan dengan keyakinan: Tuhan sayang padaku, Tuhan berkenan atasku, Tuhan selalu menerimaku apa adanya

20. Saat anda membuat kesalahan,saat anda mengalami kegagalan dan kekecewaan,jangan duduk-duduk saja sambil mengasihani diri sendiri. Jangan menghakimi dan menolak diri anda sendiri selama berbulan-bulan. Langkah pertama menuju kemenangan adalah kembali berdiri dan kembali kepelukan Bapa surgawi anda

21. Setiap pagi, tidak peduli bagaimana perasaan kita, kita perlu keluar dari tempat tidur dan dengan tegas menyatakan: " Bapa,aku bersyukur kepadaMu krn engaku telah berkenan atasku, terima kasih karena engkau menyukaiku, terima kasih karena aku diampuni"

22. Tuhan tidak melihat kesalahan yang telah anda lakukan, ia melihat apa yang benar yang telah anda lakukan

23.Berhentilah memikirkan segala sesuatu yang salah dengan anda dan berhentilah membuat daftar tentang kekurangan anda

24. Jangan hanya menggunakan kata2 anda untuk mengambarkan keadaan anda, gunakanlah kata kata anda untuk mengubah keadaan anda

25. Jika anda tidak bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan diri anda sendiri, anda tidak akan bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan orang lain

26. Ingatlah ini: bukan cara kita memulai yang penting melainkan cara kita menyelesaikannya.

27. Saat anda mempercayai yang terbaik dalam diri orang lain, anda menolong mereka untuk memunculkan yang terbaik dari dalam diri mereka

28. Tuhan mengatakan: engkau adalah sebuah batu kerikil sekarang, tetapi saat Aku selesai bekerja dalam dirimu, engkau akan menjadi sebuah batu, engkau akan menjadi kuat, padat dan aman

29. Carilah sesuatu yang sedang temanmu lakukan dan dukunglah mereka untuk itu

30. Saling memuji adalah perekat yang menjaga hubungan tetap utuh

31. Setiap hari,berusahalah untuk menemukan seseorang yang anda bisa puji dan seseorang yang anda bisa bangun

32. Jadilah seorang pemberi bukan penerima

33. Jika anda mau membuat hari seseorang cerah, Tuhan akan menjadikan hari anda cerah

34. Jika seseorang menghina anda atau melakukan kesalahan kepada anda, belajarlah untuk menyingkirkannya dan melanjutkan kehidupan

35. Belajarlah untuk tidak menghitung kesalahan orang lain

36. Jangan begitu angkuh sehingga anda harus selalu membuktikan bahwa anda benar

37. Jangan tunggu sampai anda tidak bisa berdamai dengan seseorang yang bermusuhan dengan anda, lakukanlah hari ini; buanglah kesombongan anda dan mintalah maaf bahkan jika itu bukan kesalahan anda

38. Jika anda menunggu orang lain untuk menjadi seorang pembawa damai dalam hidup anda, anda mungkin akan menunggu seumur hidup anda, kedamaian dimulai dengan anda, andalah yg membuat langkah pertama

39. Kadang-kadang tidak peduli betapun sakitnya, anda mungkin harus membiarkan org lain melakukan sesuatu sesuai sengan caranya hanya supaya anda bisa menghindari konflik yg tidak perlu terjadi

40. Berusahalah untuk menciptakan atmosfer yang penuh kesenangan dimanapun anda berada

41. Jika anda membicarakan tentang kebaikannya, anda akan menerima kembali yang baik

42. Saat anda mempermalukan seseorang padahal sebenarnya anda dapat menutupi hal tersebut, itu akan menguras rekening anda dengan orang tersebut dan menghancurkan kesan kepercayaan dan kesetiaan apapun yang ada diantara anda berdua

43. Jika anda ingin membangun persahabatan setia seumur hidup, jika anda ingin membangun kepercayaan, belajarlah untuk melindungi anggota keluarga dan sahabat anda bahkan pada saat mereka melakukan kesalahan

44. Ambilah waktu untuk membiarkan seseorang mengetahui bahwa anda peduli

45. Berusahalah untuk memperlihatkan kepada seseorang bahwa ia memang istimewa

46. Berusahalah untuk menolong orang lain merasa lebih baik tentang dirinya sendiri

47. Jika saya memenuhi kebutuhan orang lain maka Tuhan akan memenuhi kebutuhan saya

48. Tuhan ingin kita bersikap baik kepada orang lain bahkan jika mereka bersikap tidak cukup baik kepada kita

49. Saat anda memperlihatkan kasih anda sedang memperlihatkan Tuhan kepada dunia

50. Bagaimana kita mengubah suatu kebiasaan? Berhentilah memupuk kebiasaan buruk itu, anda harus membuat kebiasaan buruk anda tunduk dan mulai memupuk kebiasaan kebiasaan baik anda

Golden Rules in Choosing A Life Partner

A friend of mine, sent me this email..
Its worth your time to read.. So read it carefully and slowly ;)

Golden Rules in Choosing A Life Partner

A relationship coach lays out his 5 golden rules for evaluating the prospects of long-term success.

When it comes to making the decision about choosing a life partner,
no one wants to make a mistake.
Yet, with a divorce rate of close to 50 percent, it appears that many are making serious mistakes in their approach to finding Mr/Ms Right!

If you ask most couples who are engaged why they’re getting married,
they’ll say: “We’re in love.”
I believe this is the #1 mistake people make when they date.

Choosing a life partner should never be based on love (alone).

Though this may sound not politically correct,
there’s a profound truth here.
Love (alone) is not the basis for getting married.
Rather, love is the result of a good marriage.
When the other ingredients are right, then the love will come.

Let me say it again: You can’t build a lifetime relationship on love alone.
You need a lot more.

Here are five questions you must ask yourself if you’re serious about finding and keeping a life partner.

Do we share a common life purpose?

Why is this so important?
Let me put it this way: If you’re married for 20 or 30 years,
that’s a long time to live with someone.

What do you plan to do with each other all that time?
Travel, eat and jog together?
You need to share something deeper and more meaningful.
You need a common life purpose.

Two things can happen in a marriage:
·You can grow together, or
·You can grow apart.

50 percent of the people out there are growing apart.
To make a marriage work, you need to know what you want out of life - bottom line - and marry someone who wants the same thing.

Do I feel safe expressing my feelings and thoughts with this person?

This question goes to the core of the quality of your relationship.

Feeling safe means you can communicate openly with this person.
The basis of having good communication is trust!
i.e. trust that I won’t get “punished” or hurt for expressing my honest thoughts and feelings.

A colleague of mine defines an abusive person as someone with whom you feel afraid to express your thoughts and feelings.
Be honest with yourself on this one.
Make sure you feel emotionally safe with the person you plan to marry.

Is s/he a mensch?

A mensch is someone who is a refined and sensitive person.
How can you test? Here are some suggestions:

·Do they work on personal growth on a regular basis
·Are they serious about improving themselves?

A teacher of mine defines a good person as “someone who is always striving to be good and do the right thing”.
So, ask about your significant other: What do they do with their time?
Is this person materialistic?

Usually, a materialistic person is not someone whose top priority
is character refinement.

There are essentially two types of people in the world:
·People who are dedicated to personal growth, and
·People who are dedicated to seeking comfort.

Someone whose goal in life is to be comfortable will put personal comfort ahead of doing the right thing.
You need to know that before walking down the aisle.

How does he/she treat other people?

The one most important thing that makes any relationship work is the ability to give.
By giving, we mean the ability to give another person pleasure.

Ask: Is this someone who enjoys giving pleasure to others or are they wrapped up in themselves and self-absorbed?

To measure this, think about the following:
·How do they treat people whom they do not have to be nice to, such as waiters, bus boys, taxi drivers, etc?
·How do they treat parents and siblings? Do they have gratitude and appreciation?
·Do they show respect? If they don’t have gratitude for the people who have given them everything, you cannot expect that they’ll have gratitude for you - who can’t do nearly as much for them!

Do they gossip and speak badly about others?
Someone who gossips cannot be someone who loves others.
You can be sure that someone who treats others poorly, will eventually treat you poorly as well.

Is there anything I’m hoping to change about this person after we’re married?

Too many people make the mistake of marrying someone with the intention of trying to “improve” them after they’re married.
As a colleague of mine puts it,
“You can probably expect someone to change after marriage … for the worse!”

If you cannot fully accept this person the way they are now,
then you are not ready to marry them.

In conclusion, dating doesn’t have to be difficult and treacherous.
The key is to try leading a little more with your head and less with your heart. It pays to be as objective as possible when you are dating, to be sure to ask questions that will help you get to the key issues.

Falling in love is a great feeling,
but when you wake up with a ring on your finger,
you don’t want to find yourself in trouble because you didn’t do your homework.

The choice of a marriage partner should not be based on “I get a warm, wonderful feeling whenever we’re together and I want to have that warm wonderful feeling forever, so let’s go get married”.

Feelings, as we have discussed, have no logic on their own.
They need to be acknowledged, of course, but they need considerable assistance from your brain.

Marriage means choosing the person you will spend the rest of your life with.
This, as you may have guessed, is a very long time to spend with one person.
This person will live with you, eat meals with you, sleep with you and go on vacation with you.
More important yet, this person will share your children.
You need to choose wisely.
The decision should not be made based on feelings alone.
You need to ask yourself some tough questions.

The decisions have to be made on solid considerations:
1.Will this person be a good partner?
2.Is s/he prepared to be a good provider?
3.Is s/he responsible enough to get a good job and keep it?
4.What is her/his track record?
5.Will this person be a good parent?
6.Is s/he mature enough to put her/him own selfish desires aside to look out for what is best for the family?
7.Can you stand the thought of your children turning out exactly like this person?

They will, you know.
Children spend a lot of time with their parents and consequently pick up many or most of their parents’ character traits.
You had better like your spouse’s traits a lot because you will be seeing them again in your children.

If something were to happen to you, would you completely trust this person, alone, with the task of raising and forming your children?
This is not a pleasant thought, but it is an important consideration.
Not everyone dies at a ripe old age with great grandchildren gathered around the bed.

Sometimes a parent dies and leaves young children in the care of the other parent. If you feel that you would need to be around to correct or lessen this person’s influence on your children, then you are considering the wrong person.

Does this person share your faith in God?
God does not give us children so that we can mould them into the coolest,
most popular people in school.
Our job is to get them to Heaven.
To do that, we need to raise them believing in God.
It is tough to do that if only one parent believes.

Saying “This is right and that is wrong, and I want you to ignore Mommy until you are thirty-five” does not work.
Small children ask about eight million questions in a single day.
The answers to those questions go a long way toward forming the kind of adults they will become.
Who will be answering those questions for your children?

Does this person you are marrying have sexual self-control?
Single people sometimes have this idea that marriage is just some kind of lifelong sex festival and that as long as they have each other, they will never be tempted by other people. Wrong!

There are many times in every marriage when one partner or the other is sexually unavailable - illness, the last months of pregnancy, travel.
There are also times when spouses, just get on each others’ nerves.

At times like this, other people can seem very appealing.
That can be dangerous, because there are plenty of very attractive people out there who are willing to make themselves available to married men and women.
Do you want someone who has never said “no” to sex?
If he is not good at saying “no” at eighteen, it won’t be different at forty.
Do you want to worry about whether or not your Spouse is being faithful?

These are very important questions, and if you are not comfortable with all of the answers, you should definitely not marry this person.

None if this is to say that feelings play no role at all in a marriage decision.
You don’t have to, “Well, I suppose that you would make a good spouse and parent, so even though I don’t particularly like you I guess I’ll marry you”.
You need to be happy and excited about the prospect of spending your life with someone.
Your brain however must acknowledge that this person as a good choice.

Don’t listen to your heart alone nor your head alone.
Wait until your heart and head agree.