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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday: Pretty Little Things

Yap, this is my first time joining the Thanksgiving Thursday. Karena minggu2 lalu bawannya males banget ngeblog dan online laptop, apalagi designing my portfolio :S I have too much dealing with my lappie, and i kinda tired of it. Especially my eyes :(

Gw lagi sakit, super dizzy! leher pegel banget sampe ke mata sakitnya >< Terus bahu bagian kanan, keluar bercak2 darah item2 gtu kaya pecah pembuluh darahnya :( Gak tau kenapa, padahal ga ada kerjain hal yg berat2 dan gak stres sama sekali.. Super enjoy malah kalo dibilang! Karena gw lagi take a break belon gencar cari kerjaan and masi mau leha2 dulu sambil jalanin online shop aje.. Ketika gw merasa idup gw super biasa2nya aja and nothing really important is going on.. Gw diingetin lagi ma Tuhan betapa salahnya saya mikir begitu.. Seringkali gw melupakan hal2 kecil yg benernya itu punya impact yg gede. Yap, its true that little things is the main things. And now i want to thanking Him for every pretty little things :)

Dear Daddy,
I just wanna thank you for every air that I breathe. I can breathe freely while in the other hand people need to pay just to get the oxygen.
I wanna thank you for the ability to walk and to stand. Not few people who walking and standing are limited and accompanied by pain. And I wanna be Your tool, I want to always walk in Your ways and run in such a way as to get the prize.
I should thank God for being able to sense our environment. Thanks for the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. I have all these five without lack of anything.
You are King of all Kings, You can do whatever please You however I wanna thank You for the free will. God has granted us humans the ability to choose how we live our lifes. We are not mindless slaves of God, but rather free individuals who can choose. I thank you for this gift!
I just cant thank You enough for the loving people around me. I do found friend that stick closer than brother, which I knoe I found a rare treasure. And tho my family is not perfect they are the best for me :)
And most of all thank you for Your love! Your love is more than I can ever imagine!! This is the greatest gift of God to us and we need to thank You for loving me, even in my sinfulness.

Truly blessed, Highly favored and Deeply loved

This post is written for Thanksgiving Thursday, a program made to remind us to continuously count our blessings. Come and join us, or just simply come and read stories from other people. Click HERE


KeZia Margaret

get well soon yaa viryaniii :)


thankyou darls :)


Holla Vi..ya ampun design blognya cantik amat, kapan ku bs gini?? Btw..kadang manusia emang sering lupa, kalau sebenarnya gak ada tuh istilah biasa biasa..jadi kita suka terlena, padahal apa yang biasa bagi kita itu blom tentu biasa buat orang lain. Biasa buat kita byk orang yang udah 2 hari gak makan. Thx to remind ya..kalo smua itu bener2 berkatNya, soale..beberapa mingu ini rada terlena juga nech ..

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