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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just So You Know

I've been single for quite sometimes. And some people around me keep asking me have you find the one? is there someone chasing you? etc. Maybe this post below will answer your questions. Here is some thought about what kind of man I pray for, and my definition about love life. I have nothing to do this saturday. So I edited some of this picture. All credit goes to shutterstock. The quotes all over the internet. I just touch up the color and put it the words into it :) So far.. I love it. And yup, I am typical hopeless romantic girl haha.



Waaa....bagus are really talented heheheheh. super like!


makasiiii cicii :) anyway majalah pearl uda kasi cici question untuk bulan ini?


Question apa ya?


wooowww.. editannya keren banget!! wow wow wow.. bagussss!! cantik.. and yes i can see that you're hopelessly romantic :D


bagus banget editanny.. ^^ keep praying dalam masa2 penantian ini..

KeZia Margaret

ni. ini loe yang edit?? baguuus tenaaan loo.hehehe.. ni izin ambil boleh takk??hoho.


iyaa gw yg edit.. boleh kez silahkan.. tp jgn lupa cantunkan creditnya yaa

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