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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just An Update

Holla! Im back! Tapi ini hanya simple update whats going on in my life.. Banyak yg mau saya tulis, beberapa:
-. My 21st birthday :)
-. Prayer From A Friend
-. Last Night in Singapore
-. Sweet Surprise

Wooowww banyak banget yakk, 4biji ngutang dulu dah :( Ini mac saya baru sehat kembali. Kemaren2 soalnya dia ngambek. Lagi males update blog banget, tapi gw dapet shout out dari Little Stalker yg suru update blog gw, what an encouragement tau kalo blog gw dikangenin ahah! sama mo share sama tmn2 yg di singapore gw ngapain aja sih..

Mau cerita hari ini gw lagi glommyyy abis, mulai dari nabrak pager rumah kena omel terus gw kangen singapore banget, well actually i miss my xplode i miss my activity there! And come across my mind, what the heck am i gonna do here?? Gw lagi reschedule my timeline, super sibuk dengan update2 portfolio, cari2 observe company i want etc, belajar mobil. etc. STRES cari gereja, cari komunitas!

And this sermon came across my mind, let go and let God. You can watch it here. Yeah, so many confusing in this post yah! I need your prayer support guys! :) Thanks!


Little Stalker

With God you have more than enough to face your days,as long as your trust in Him,you'll see the miracle day by day,cheers..


Thanks for the encouragement.. who are you? why u didnt leave ur name here? :D

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