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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let Go and Let God

Pas dulu dimasa2 struggle gw karena putus, temen komsel gw si Ms.Ng kasi gw link kotbah ini. Dan sekarang disaat saya lagi glommyyy gajebo keinget kotbah ini lagi.. Really helps me alot.. and I wanna share with you guys in hope to bless you too :) Here's the excerpt from this blog. And if you watch the video, click here. Enjoy :D

· It’s easy to get focused on what we want and let it consume us. We won’t be happy until we get it. But that’s being out of balance. Some say I won’t be happy until I get a husband, others say I won’t be happy until I get rid of this husband

· If your dreams are causing you to be frustrated it’s a sign you’re holding on too tightly. What’s the solution? Release it. Joel isn’t saying give up on your promises but let go of that anxiety. God even if it never happens I’m still going to be happy and trust you. I’d love to get accepted by this college but if it never happens I’ll still happily serve you. That shows the enemy he can’t frustrate you. That shows God that you trust Him

· Abraham had to put his own son on the altar. God just wanted to know that nothing was more important than Him. Show God you don’t need that promotion in order to be happy. Even if I never get better I’ll still smile and be good to people. When you put it on the altar and say I won’t get upset because it didn’t happen on my time table, God knows you trust Him

· A lady was believing for her husband to come to church with her for years. She did everything she could to get him to come to church. He wouldn’t come. After a year or so it began to frustrate her. She’d come down for prayer upset and discouraged. Pastor Joel said let it go, turn it over to God. If he never comes, God I’m still going to be happy

· Like Abraham put the thing that means the most to you on the altar. Some of you have things you need to let go of. People that are frustrating you because they won’t change. God I know only You can change people. It’s up to You. There’s a freedom in releasing it

· Joel isn’t saying give up on your dreams; release your worry and frustration. The woman let it go and started enjoying her life. I made up my mind I’ll be happy right where I am. About 2 years later her husband said I want to come to church with you and he’s been coming ever since

· Maybe you’ve stood for a long time without results and now it’s starting to wear you down. It’s time to give it to God. Lord I want this but I don’t have to have it in order to be happy. Psalm 31:14-15: But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me. We don’t have to struggle in order to make things happen. God controls the whole universe. Our future is in His hands

· At age 28 Oprah was a reporter at a TV station when she read the Color Purple and it changed her life. She’d hidden her own abuse before that. It inspired her. When she heard they were making a movie she wanted to be in it. She did all she could. She auditioned but didn’t hear back. Months went by. She got discouraged. She was convinced it was because she was too heavy. She went away to a health retreat to lose 50 pounds. She realized that dream had consumed her. All her energy and focus was on it. As she was out running on the track she began singing I surrender all, all to Jesus... She released it and put the dream on the altar. A few days later, Steven Spielberg called her and said you’ve got the part but if you lose one pound you’re out. Something happens when you put a dream on the altar. It’s very powerful to say God I’m giving it to you. You know what I want but I’m surrendering to Your way. My plans don’t have to work out in order for me to be happy

· Joel & Victoria found a home they really wanted and made an offer. For weeks they didn’t hear anything. They claimed it and prayed over it, etc. They raised their offer – nothing. They went on vacation but were still consumed with the house. God told Joel do you still want the house even if I have something better in store. Joel said God You know best. They released it, God not our will but Yours be done. What looks like a disappointment is just another step in the process towards divine destiny. There’s freedom in giving control to Him. You don’t get discouraged because a door closed and it didn’t work out. God I’m letting go of having to have it my way. I believe God you are directing our steps. They bought another house and sold it for twice what they paid

· You’re stressed out because it’s taking longer than you thought it would. God is in complete control of your life. There is nothing going on right now that has to keep you from being happy. When you release the situation you’re releasing your faith. When God says it’s time nothing will be able to stop it

· Pastor John was the first to be saved in his family. At 17 he gave his life to Christ and became a successful minister. John would try to preach to his family, especially his father. Everyone got saved except his father. Then Pastor John released it to God, he couldn’t make him change/saved. He didn’t give up on the promise and stop praying but he stopped worrying and being frustrated. Years went by and nothing seemed to happen. One day John was a guest minister and his father walked in and sat on the back row. In the middle of the message he got up and went to the platform and stood next to him and said I’m finishing today what I started 30 years ago. John led him to Christ right in front of the church. Over 30 years ago the father had been caught in a snowstorm and prayed for the first time. He said if You will let me live I will serve You. He woke up warm and safe. Joel’s grandfather joined that church and he became an usher and served every single service. He passed out gospel tracks everywhere he went

· When you release it to God it allows Him to work in amazing ways. God is working behind the scenes. The seed has already been planted. God I trust You. I don’t see a way but I know You have a way. 1 Peter 2:6 and he who believes in Him [who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Him] shall never be disappointed or put to shame

· It doesn’t mean you won’t have temporary disappointments but somewhere down the road it will work out. Life is too short to go through it waiting to be happy. Decide to be happy right where you are. You don’t need all those other things in order to be happy. God I won’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen my way. I’ll put on my shoes of peace. I’ll turn it over to You so You can go to work

· It takes maturity to say not my will but Yours be done. Man trained for 1920 Olympics. He was good at canoeing. He’d won many competitions and he was the favorite to win the gold. His wife was pregnant and her due date was at the same time as the Olympics. He decided he wouldn’t miss the birth of his son. He did all that training only to miss that opportunity. He put that dream on the altar. His son was born and eventually won the gold medal at the Olympics. He gave it to his father. He got his gold medal 24 years later and it meant more because his son gave it to him

· God has a way of working everything out. God I’m going to let You do it Your way. I may have setbacks but I know I won’t be permanently disappointed. All these people had disappointments but they’re not disappointed now. If you have to have it in order to be happy then the enemy can use it against you. Leave here freer and lighter. Some are struggling trying to make a dream come to pass.

· You’re not God. That’s not your job. God is in control. God already knows what you want. Learn to trust Him. Your future is in good hands. He knows what’s best for you. He’s already planned out your days for good. He’ll lead you and guide you in the best plan for your life. You’ll become everything He’s created you to be

God I'm giving U control of my life
I will let U do it in Ur way, in Ur time table
God U know my dreams
U know the things I like to see happens
The situation I like to see turns around
God I will do my best
I will pray, I will believe, I will stay in faith
But I'm not going to be frustrated if it don't happen my way
God I don't have to have my plans to work out
In order for me to be happy
I know U know what's best for me
That's what it means let go and let God

God is always working behind the scene
Just because u don't see anything happening
Doesn't mean God is not working

God I trust You
I don't see Your way but I know You have the way



Niiii postingan ini bener2 pas banget sama kondisiku sekarang.... PAS BANGET deh pokoknya. Lagi bingung sama masa depan, semua jalan dicoba, sruduk sana sruduk sini, dan ujung2nya hanya kelelahan sendiri dan frustrasi karena semua jalan seolah tertutup T.T

En God said, "Nonik, TENANG. belajar untuk PERCAYA pada-KU."....

btw lu dah nemu cara kasih "like" button di blog? hehe.


ya uda bisa sa, tpi eror gt.. masa yg like 6 gtu. ga kluar pula. trs di smua entry mulai dgn angka 6 bukan 0.

ahaha semangattt sa:)

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