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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ladies, Few Things You Must Know Before Dating

My favorite author all the time, Myles Munroe. I love his writing soo muchhhh! Like I said earlier here. Waiting and Dating by Myles Munroe is the book about relationship that I love the most so far comparing to other books. Not the other author not good enough, but I like Munroe's styles of writing :) So here please enjoy the video!

The first thing men need is not a woman. The most important thing a men need is a presence of God. And a woman should meet you in the presence!! WOW..
Pay more attention di menit-menit ke 6.. nancep bow..



mantappp bgtt Nii! Thanks for sharing ya.. :D


woeeeeeh GILE. gue paling suka yg pas Munroe bilang, "The last thing God gave to a man is HIS Words... knowledge, directions. God told about the tree to Adam, not to Eve! It's a man's job to teach his wife the Word of God."

and di bagian akhir: "God said, 'it's not good for a man to be alone...' Nah, what kind of man? It's a man who is in God's presence, is working, can counterfeit & protect woman. So, if you find a man who doesn't like His presence, ain't working, can't protect a woman, than IT'S GOOD FOR HIM TO BE ALONE!!"

ngakak gue dengernya whoakakakak.


cultivate saa..
a man who is in God's presence, is working, can cultivate and protect woman. hehe

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