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Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Romance

When your thoughts mirror God’s thoughts, and when you can say that He is all you ever really want or need, then true romance descends upon you.

This is a romance that cannot be shaken, no matter how bad your outward circumstances.

It stands in the face of every trial, every attack, and every heartache.
It brings you tears of joy and real feelings of comfort and support.
When you experience true romance you know in the very center of your soul that you are loved with the kind of love that is beyond compare.

And that love will never disappoint. It is this true romance that is the answer to all other longings for love in your life.

Without true romance, earthly romance becomes fleeting and unsatisfying,
but with it, all earthly romance is enhanced and strengthened.

Gain true romance from God alone and you will never again need to ask, “where is the romance?”

Taken from one of my favorite author
Hayley DiMarco - The Woman of Mystery


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