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Saturday, June 18, 2011

22 Things About Me

I have nothing to do rite now.. Enjoying my lazy saturday at home :)
Next week I will be in singapore again huhu :(
So I've come up to write down 22 things about my self, yeah just for fun!

1. I like to eat CHEESE and POTATO alotssss!

2. I can't leave house without straighten my hair. Bad hair day equals to VERY bad day for me :p

3. And I really thank God for my hair, though I use hairdryer and straightener almost every day my hair is not falling out, no diverge, not dull, no dandruff and Im lovin it :D

4. I dont do sport at all, I dont like it. Well, I do exercise I do running. Every morning I run to the bus stop to catch my buss (when I woke up very late) HAHA :p

5. I used to hate dog so much! But now, I love them to the max. Especially pomeranian dog :)

6. My closed friends said: "I can tell that your dad love you so much nie." And yes he is! Am blessed beyond words.

7. To be called mother by 1boy and 2girls (twins) is my dream. Oh how I wish to have twins baby :x

8. Never get bored watching disney princess over and over again. And my favorite one is Cinderella :)

9. I scared with thunderbolt ALOTS. GGGRRR

10. Prefer to be housewife than business woman. Taking care my house, my husband and my child. Don't like to see my child rise up by other people :) Preparing the next generation of God.

11. I don't like to see messy stuff, I hate dust and I love to keep things in order. However I'm very lazy to wash and ion my clothes ==''

12. When you angry with me and throw bad words at me, I dont feel like crying but I feel like vomiting. Simple just cant take it.. Words of affirmation is my love language haha.

13. Thanks God I don't have insomnia. I can fall asleep easily, anytime and anywhere :) Coffee just dont work for me.

14. I used to dream to married in young age, but not anymore I think :p

15. I seldom cry, but once I cry I will cry nonstop until make an ocean *lebai

16. Go to orphanages and nursing homes will make my tears flowed freely without I can handle. Don't ask me why coz I really dunno why too.

17. My God is my TOP priority followed by my family, my friends and my job.

18. I really treasure my best friends, coz I know its very hard to find one. I know they are my best friend when I can do belly dance in front of them *gaknyambung

19. Jutek and galak is the first impression people would say when they met me for the first time. Now I'm trying my best to always put simple smile on my face :p

20. I'm not a good lover. I make mistake too. But there are 3things I do love abt myself: I don't play, I give my all and I love truly

21. My greatest longing is to help street children and children who are retarded. Well, anything related to kids :)

22. I think I will stop at 22 coz I really dunno what else to write :p I'm not good at describing myself. HAHA



aku tunggu belly dance mu!! haha!!


pleaseee dehhh verii belly dance nya yg ditungguin haha.. tanya vebri dian mrka pasti uda bosennn liatnya haha ;p

Louisa Veronica

Words of affirmation is your love language??? SAMAAAAAA hahahahaha.

pingin punya bayi kembar?? sama jugaaaa hahahaha.


Iya salah satu yg paling TOP haha.. lu apa yg pertama?


amen amen helping disabled and street children. i might be looking at the next mother Theresa. hahah that's a word of affirmation ;p


mother theresa? jadi inget yg dulu kt perna didoain sama ps sapa tuh pas oikos gabungan di rumah cent? yg sampe nabrak2 meja kita duduknya inget ga? HAHAHA


ga inget nabrak meja..perasaan saya manis2 aja duduknya..hehe but that might be a prophetic word.. must keep in the notes..


Iyaaa saya catet kok hehe. itu sekitar 2taon lalu.. Pastor itu bilang, dy liat gw and gabby jadi the next mother theresa. trus gw ma gabby sama2 HAHA HIHI doank.. sekarang amininnnnnn aja :p
terus gw juga inget, dya bilangin lu. lu bakal jadi healer.. uda lupaa siapa lagi.. audreyy juga ada haha


amin deh,by God's power and to the glory of Him alone :)

Leni Liem

twins baby? huahahaha me too =)
tp ntr ngurusnya repottt lhooo hohoh

jutek? klo di poto ga keliatan ya..
ntr klo pas ktmnu jutek2, gw ngasi martabak aja gt ya hehe

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