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Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Burfdae Wish

Dear G,

I am truly grateful for another year that You have entrusted to me. When I look back for the past 21years, You never let me down through it all. I am captivated by Your love and Your love will always get me home. I don't know where would I be right now without Your love, I have days of mercy and moments of grace. And I thank you dear G for every breath that I take. You have sent so many angels into my lyfe, thank you for surround me with people who loves me tenderly.

One thing I only ask, that I may dwell in the presence of the Lord all the days of my lyfe. To know the depth of Your heart and swim on it. Take me higher, draw me deeper and makes me grow stronger in Your love. Remind me that I am simply breathless without You near by. A woman that close to the Lord and bear Your heart and Your passion. I want to rise up to be a woman You have designed me to be, and when  people look at me they will point toward You directly. Teach me to be a woman who doesn't scrape and claw to be noticed and appreciated, but the one who is fully content and secure in my relationship with my King.

I want to enter the year ahead embracing the promises that You have in store for me. May I see the things that my eyes have not seen, hear the things that my ears have not heard, and experience the things beyong my wildest imagination. I want to live the year ahead to bless and touch many many many life's as You have blessed me so much! To be a great, bold, exemplary, wise and loving woman, daughter, wife to be (if You called me to be one), leader and other roles in my lyfe.

Give me the ear that always ready to listen to Your words first rather than my own needs. Ears that always ready to listen to other peoples problem even tough sometimes its not easy to stay quiet and be still. And please open the eyes of my heart Lord, open up my eyes to the things unseen. Help me to be able to always see Your ways. Eyes that always look the good on other people and not to judge them. And let my lips always declare that You are the God of the universe, always be able to worship and praise You even tough I might face a difficult situation. Let words that come up from my mouth always lift up someone else's days, built them up and not tear them down. And feet that always willing to go extra-mile when it comes for serving my Lord and King. Feet that always go everywhere You want me to go even to the ends of the earth. Last but not least, please give sincere humble and right heart that always break apart for what break Yours. And gain me Your wisdom to live in this world.

Dear God, thank you for loving me, and giving me Your all. As I grow up, I will still serving You. I want to know You more, I want to love You more. I will never forget You, Lord. You are a great big God. I'm young and do not know a lot! Come and be my all. I will grow up knowing You.. :)




Happy birthday... Keep writing and being a blessing to others dan terus jadi barang antik... =)
Btw, itu mustinya 22 years d, bukan 21... =P


HBD Anieeeeee :)

christine natalia

happyy blessed birthdayyy ani :D God bless you....


happy birthday aniii
semoga keinginanmu sesuai dengan rencana Tuhan en segera dikabulin sama Papa Jesus.

Leni Liem

Happy bday again lil-anie..
keep writing and keep on fire..
u're awesome young lady... :)
i'm so blessed to being your friend *meskipun blm ktmu langsung*

frederika marchitania

uwaaaaaa ciciku ultah too...
happy birthday ci Anie..
showering you with His blessing and love ;;)

xoxo !


@all annonymous.. thankssss!! heii barang antikk,, siapa ya ini haha.. sounds familiar. you must someone who keep reading my blog and become silent reader.. thanks for the wishes anw!

@christine, @uly thank you yah hugss

@lenii udaaa lamaaa ga keliatan.. awww am melted.. you too such an awesome woman of GOD :D thank God for you!!

@marchi.. thanks yahh sayang.. hugsssssss


I'm just a secret admirer of your blog... =)
Virtuous woman like you is very rare to find today.
Keep glorifying Him with your writing. God bless you. =)

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