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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It's In The Little Things

Here’s a little thought for all the guys and girls out there on this bright Tuesday afternoon. Did you know that guys have a tendency to hunt? Well, we do. It’s an instinct that stems way back from the old days of our cavemen ancestors. They hunt to survive, and it’s a little part of nature that we guys have been born with. While we hunt for a living every day of our lives, we also leave some room to go after the object of our eyes. We concentrate, we focus, we direct all efforts to catch the prey.

That’s no wonder that when we are chasing after a girl, we dedicate 100% of our attention to her. We do our best to get her attention. We think of 1001 ideas to make her day. We call her up, we listen to her stories, buy her coffee, get to know her girlfriends and try hard to impress them. We make every next meeting look like coincidence, when actually we have worked very hard to make it happen. We pick her up, open the door for her, and send her back after every date. And flowers? Yes, the local florist knows are names and numbers by heart. We buy her gifts, we throw her surprises… you name it, we’ll do it. Anything to eventually win her heart.
I’ve seen it times and again. Guys are excellent hunters. More often than not, he will win the object of his affections. Now, on the flip side, the girl in question must feel like she’s the happiest girl on earth. She found the PERFECT guy who understands her, who makes her feel extra special. She found her dream guy. The hunter is the perfect man! But who is left after hunting season is over? The hunter has moved on to other hunting targets – like a career maybe – where he will dedicate another 100% into the hunt, yet again.
Is there something wrong here? Maybe not. Maybe that’s just how we naturally operate. But can something be done about it? Of course it can. So, here’s a little tip for all the hunters out there: the prey may be in your hands today, but lose your focus, and it’ll slip away. Don’t forget that as much as we enjoy the chase, our lady counterparts also enjoy being chased, daily regardless of how long you’ve been together. It won’t be easy, I know (I’ve actually been there…) but if it’s what will keep our relationship strong, guys, we’ve got to do our part! A strong relationship, that’s what we should always hunt for. Not with many different persons, but with the same woman, over and over again.

Written by David Soong
Pictures courtesy of Axioo and Re-post from here.


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