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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter To My Prince In Knight Shining Armor

Its raining outside.. Cloudy afternoon I have.. Looking at rain drops.. Smell of the grass after the rain.. Having tea time with some books.. This is something I love.. ♥

I saw many couples out there.. Giggling and cuddling each other, how sweet! Sharing umbrella.. Hand in hand crossing the roads.. He whisper some words that make her face turns as read as cherry plum.. The sounds of their laughter warms my heart..

Here I am.. Wondering.. Smiling.. Thinking.. And here again.. I remind my self not to lower my standard.. I am constantly reminding my self that you, my future husband is alive right now.. And thinking about what I will tell you someday about how I lived my life before I meet you..

So in this time of waiting.. I will wait faithfully.. I want to remain faithful to you and to God alone.. In a sense, faithfulness means developing a habit of loving you, my Prince In Knight Shining Armor through patiently waiting.. Consistently hoping.. And living by the high standard.. to which I've been called!

Though it is so hard some times.. (Most of the times to be honest).. I want to masters the art of faithfulness.. way before I meet you.. So when the wedding bells rings and the marriage life start.. I will be ready.. For you.. To love, to cherish, to help, to support.. And the most important.. To be your prayer tower.. All the days of my life..

One thing that I ask from the Lord, to mold me to be a lover who was wholly faithful.. A woman who know how to blend love and purity with patience. A woman who truly know how to be single with purpose.. In a way that would honor and cherish God and you.. My future groom :)

I know that you are alive at this very moment.. You need prayer.. You has bad days.. You weeps.. You captivated.. You struggle.. You hope.. You dream.. You miserable.. You overjoyed.. You discouraged.. You depressed.. I don't want to spend my life, my days.. Wondering how you look like, on the other hand what I hope and pray the most is.. that you will choose His will above your own will. A man that know no compromise when it comes to live fully for God..

Truly believe that God's plan is perfect.. And it will be so amazing in His time -- not in my time! I just want to put you in God's hands.. And dear G, please help me to wait patiently and to be faithful in my attitudes, thoughts, actions, and relationship with other members of the opposite sex.. To see them as my brother-in-Christ rather to see them as potential guy..

my handwriting di diaryku ;p
And last but no least.. Dear G, I pray.. Please make you, my man.. Far more consumed with following after Christ than chasing after me..

May this simple prayer always help me back in the track.. When the loneliness come attack me.. To always running after Christ rather than the things the world offer..

Let me be a woman who clothes with strength and dignity.. So I can laughs without fear of the future..



so beautiful, ani... I imagine about a man, looking through the window, in tne middle of hot sunny days... he's thinking about you and saying a little prayer too :) Keep faithful, he's worth waiting for^^


^_____^ go sista!


why in the mids of hot sunny days? kebalikan dari rainy days yah hehe..
yup yup.. i will waith for my prince in knight shining armor hihi :D

go go go power rangerssss! LOH* ahaha


hahahaha :D sometimes i experience, i feel, i think, and i pray like the way you do.


really? what do you pray abt?? write then!! hihi


any,,,bagus banget, ya tetap setia menunggu janjiNya.


*terharu* *peluk aniii...* Mari kita bersabar sayanggggg....^^

Sylvia Sumitro

beautiful prayer :')

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