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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First Cries In 2012

2 December 2011:
Two cute puppies was born.
One boy one girl.

21 December 2011:
My friend delivered her to my house.
I decided to call her Lilo..
Her brother's name is Castle.

31 December 2011:
I spent my new year eve at Puncak with my family. Of course I brought her along. She's freezing and keep crying while I put her at basket tho I put a lot of blanket there. So I took her to my bed, she sleep with me :D
Day by day as time goes by, my love grow deeper and deeper. She's so cute, so fluffy, naughty and yet fragile.. Before I went to work, I always feed Lilo. Business at office, crazy traffic, exhausted feeling.. all went away when I saw her. She follow me wherever I go. I saw her first tooth, her first rolling, her first glance..

Yesterday, when I was at bathroom. My mom said that yoyo bites lilo. I thought she was kidding at the first place. I heard lilo cried. And I ran to see her.. I took her, trying my best to calm her down, when I touched her head.. Her head was mushy, and I started to cried.. Because I know this is very very very bad condition :(

We bought her to the vet. The doctor gave injection, and madicine. All the way to and from vet, she never stop crying. The sounds of her crying breaking my heart.. We do our best to keep her calm. Using the warm lamp near her body, lots of blanket.. And 30mins after we got home, she's passed away ( ╥ ﹏╥)

Hiks hiks sedihnya ga ketolongan, nangis sampe kepala puyeng banget.. Gak nyangka secepet ini ( ╥ ﹏╥) Masih berasa kaya mimpi! Lilo itu cewe tapi dia lincah banget, pesek dan banyak bulunya. Biasanya anjing cewe selalu lebi jelek dari cowo.. Dia ikutin gw kemana2 huhu sepi banget skrg :( Kata bokap sih, gak ada bekas gigitan yoyo. Mungkin si yoyo ngegeretak lilo dan lilo mental terus kepalanya kena tembok kebetulan jadi lgsg benyek.. Sedihhh banget, bener2 pelajaran biar lebih hati2 lagi.. Emosi gw terkuras banget :( baru sebulan setengah padahal.. Tapi gw bener2 jagain banget huhuhu.. What a great lost..

May you rest in peace my little one.. You will be the cutest among others in Heaven.. How I wish to spent more time with you.. I love you always.. God please take care of her.. Someday I wanna see her at my bedroom in Heaven above.. Amen..


Xang Thio

Deep condolence to Lilo passaway, but she's indeed a cute one! Reminds me of our family dog, which just passed away last September..

Now it feels so silent at home, truly miss the presence of the loyal friend in the house..


Aniiii... I'm sooo sorry for Lilo... sedih banget dengernyaa. However, Lilo pasti seneng deh merasakan banyak cintaaaa dari Ani....

Shinta Poulsen

Duhhhh .. daku ikut sedihhh. T.T sabar yach Aniiiii <3<3<3


@xang thio im so sorry to hear that too ;( indeed they r sooooo loyall.. the one who will never get tired to welcome u whenever u got back home.. dan jam berapapun :D

@dhieta iyaaa aminnn lilo seneng yaaa disayang2 T______________T

@shinta thanku cicii hugggss


yaaa... kesian amat? :( padahal si lilo super cute! aku juga lagi kepikiran mliara anjing nih tp maunya yg kecil terus alias gak bisa gede. soale rumahnya kecil. si timbo demen banget sm anjing, ni.


@ci lia akhirnya muncul jg si cici kaya uda seabad uy ga liat cc ahaha
yakin ci mo piara anjing? cc lg hamil loh.. trs ribet banget tar repot.. belon puupna, kasi makan, extra work.. beli mini pom aja nih.. jadi ga bisa gde lg ahaha..

Sylvia Sumitro

Aniii.. Cup cup cup.. Aku ikut berduka :(
I'm not a pet lover but I like dogs, the cute ones like Lilo.. lucu bgt dia..
Sabar yaaa *hugs*

Btw iya nih Ci Lia, uda super sibuk gt msh kepikiran mo melihara anjing, astagaa emg supermom bgt yak! Hahahha


How many dogs do u haf at home now? Busyet tambah teruss...


i have four now.

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