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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Day 2012 & 2013

Happy valentine day everyone :) Semoga setiap hari terasa seperti hari valentine yah, penuh cinta :D Frankly to say, buat gw valentine day is not really a big eve that I should celebrate. Like christmas, easter, or new year eve. For me its just simply a normal day especially as I grow older. Back then when I was at junior high school I loveeee to give away chocolate, made by my self :P But now, I'm just so lazy to do it. 

Yet, I do celebrate valentine. With my closest one of course, the-five-of-us whom I can proudly say "angels from Heaven above." We have been friends since junior high school, even one of them is my childhood friend. I am really blessed with this 8-year-friendship-and-still-counting-on. During high school, we do exchange chocolate, cute ones :) I still remember how many hours that I spent to made a chocolate with their name written on it. SIGH!! 

Day by day passed away, we grow older and we don't grow apart :) And during my study in Singapore, we can't celebrate valentine together anymore. And I miss it, I miss collecting chocolate and eat them :D Last year since I for-good to Jakarta, I have an idea to celebrate valentine day with them by not only having a dinner, but also exchange personal card :) And every words that written on it just so touching and funny :P

Here's the card that I received during 2012 :)
Untuk gw, gw dapet sailormoon. Dan temen-temen yang lain karakter dari sailor juga, disesuaikan dengan pribadi kita, so kreatif isn't it?

And she mentioned there, "I wish my brother in law are the best son of Christ..." In other word, my future spouse will be her bro in law. Eventho we don't have blood connection, and what she wrote in the card remind me of this verse, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother - Prov18:24.
Jane is the sweetest gal among all of us. She's the one that soft-hearted, kind-loving type of girl. While all of us have loud voice and do nothing less than what a truly lady should do (read: wildcat).
Here's my childhood friend :D Kita temenan dari masa-masa cemongan bedak haha. Disini dia tulis, gw traktir vegan all you can eat! HUAHAHA, ngakak langsung pas baca. Soalnya ini kaya warung warteg deket rumah yang gw sukaaaa banget :P Emang dasar dia pelit, jadi cuma mau ditraktir itu aja =.= Coz she said, sebanyak-banyaknya gw makan vegan, paling cuma mampu sampe berapa banyak sih. Dan pasti less than 50k. Toenk2.
Yang ini dari Rere, dia ngajar sekolah minggu di gerejanya jadinya she's super creative and lots of interesting idea. Yet, she's our drama queen and Miss-never-be-on-time :P

Unfortunately due to this and that, I can't join valentine celebration with them :( And surprisingly they come over to my house after the dinner and we have a little time to chit chat, exchange the card as well. Really touched! Could you please kindly tell me how blessed I am? And here's what I've received this year..
Di kartu ini si Sara super pede euy, dikira eke mo nitipin anak gw ke dia haha. She will be my last port :P In our silly conversation, we all agreed to never let her take care of our kids due to we scared that she might "broke the ear of our kids." (long history why we could think of broke-the-ear).
This is the cutest one!! Kitkat with my picture on it, well chubby one >.< And what is written in the card is so funny and am amazed with how well she know me ;) I can't stop laughing while I read the two last sentence.

Again, could you please kindly remind me how blessed I am? To have not just faithful friends, but sister-in-Christ that keep make me feel loved and treasured. I'm quite upset that I can't make it to join the dinner, and I can't take picture and read all the other cards that their received. Due when they come over to my house its already super late and we need to send back our other friend that stay quite far from our complex so we just do a simple chit chat inside the car. Huhu. But there's always blessing in disguise :)
Here's my personal card for them ;) Well, happy valentine day all. Spread the love!

Ps: to all my girls, thank you for the joys and I hope we can still do this every year.. eventho we have lots of kids in the future :P



yah knp ad yg d block tuh ni pdhl pgn gw baca... btw yg foto SD u itu yg pake baju merah gw knal loh, tmn kul gw iu sekelas.. ank kk gg :D

Anita Bong

You are truly blessed :)

Btw, i want to read that cencored one hihihihi~

Happy valentine!


wow, you are really blessed with good friends around you. :D

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