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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I love this post so much :) Every words of it represent my feelings, and truly agree with every sentences of it. A great reminder for me, that "A faithful friend is a strong defence: and he that hath found him, hath found a treasure." So I want to share this thoughtful post with you girls, do enjoy.

I was just getting out of the house to take my children to school when a message came buzzing in on my Blackberry: “Girlfriends, you are needed. Can you meet me for brunch at 11am today?” My schedule raced through my mind and without much thought, I replied: “Can we make it at 10?”

I am not a planner, but this kind of spontaneity is new even to me. After getting married I had less time for my girlfriends, and even lesser since I became a Mom. Between the daily errands I had to run and the constant emotional challenges I face in raising the two future leaders of the world (yes, that’s what I tell myself to feel better), I felt I had no time to dress myself pretty, let alone be of good company to anyone. But as I sat there with my girlfriend over brunch, listening to her story about an exciting happening over the weekend, I knew that the time with her was a time well spent.

I began to think about what it means to have girlfriends in our lives. Often times when women are trying hard to balance between work and play, we tend to cast friendships aside. But we forget the benefits we get from nurturing female relationships. Not only are girlfriends the source of close and effective communication, they are also where we get that feel-good effect simply from an hour of ramblings about our feelings that can totally fill up our emotional tank for weeks. Women need each other to heal with, to laugh with, to grieve with, and to celebrate being a woman with – all of which are about communicating feelings that only women can understand (I mean, try talking your feelings out with a man and you might end up with more emotional damage than when you started). And when emotions are all laid out on the table, when vulnerability is shown, we create a unique bond that builds up into a sense of support and security.

Casually between the laughter and the tears that followed, my girlfriend said: “I do stupid stuff and you girls are my shield.” And I can’t tell you how much truth I found in that. When we are out there making a mockery of ourselves without thinking twice, or when our worst gets the best out of us, it’s these people with whom we have a unique bond that can “bitchslap” us back to reality and point out objectively just how good we have it – without pretense, without reservation.

Girlfriends are good for the soul – I’ve heard that often before. And like all relationships, friendship needs nurturing. Whether it’s a quick chat over coffee or a nice intimate dinner or even a day away together for a spa appointment, connections with other women have proved to do a lot of good for the female soul. When we invest the time and effort to grow this friendship, it will do more good for us and others.

So ladies, since there are only so many hours in a day and so much you can put your energy into, make the right priorities and make your girlfriends a part of it. Husbands, as much as you hate feeling neglected for the few hours that your wife is off to nurture her relationship with her friends, remember that it’s usually her friends who remind her just how wonderful you are to her.

To my girlfriend – you know who you are – thank you for the sunshine!

Written by Maya, re-post from here.
Photos courtesy of Janssen & Aurelia, photographed by Paulus.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What Makes A Woman Truly Beautiful?

What makes a woman truly beautiful to a Chirst-built man?
By Leslie Ludy in Answering the Guy Questions

What does a warrior-poet truly desire in a woman? It’s not a pretty face, a perfect figure, or a charming personality that will captivate his heart. Rather, it’s complete abandonment to Jesus Christ. 
Just look at these inspiring responses from some God-fearing young men when I asked them what they desired most in a woman.
Courtesy of Jose Villa
A woman who is solely focused on Jesus. A woman who intimidates me by her depth in the Word. A woman who cares more about what Jesus thinks than what the world around her thinks. A woman who has such depth that I will have to spend all eternity diving into the mystery of who she is. A woman who is focused on me before we even meet (as in not giving away her heart or body to every guy that comes her way and feeling no need to flirt and attract attention – but rather, she is treasuring the mystery and majesty of who she is). A woman who is entirely selfless. A woman who does not point to and lift up herself but continually shifts people’s focus to Jesus. A woman who would rather spend time with Jesus than with me.
- Nathan, 23

Love, reverence, and obsession with her Lord. Love, support, encouragement, and even accountability toward me when it’s necessary. Spiritual purity and a love for Christ so big she might burst.
- Josh, 21

A woman who loves God more than she loves me. A woman who relies on Him for her strength and not on me. Granted, I want her to love me greatly, and I desire to be the kind of man she can trust and rely on, but God must be her rock. A woman who is completely sold out, wanting nothing more and nothing less than God’s will and Christ’s power in her life is remarkably attractive. A man seeking after God truly cannot help but be attracted to a young woman who is also seeking God with every last ounce of her strength.
- Jeremy, 20

Purity, loyalty, and joy. But not for me – for God. A woman who desires to keep her relationship pure, loyal, and joyful with her Prince of Peace will then keep her relationship toward me pure, loyal, and joyful. All things that she does for her King, she will, in essence, be doing for me as well. A living example of the love of God and a lily among thorns.
- Rich, 24

A woman who won’t settle for anything less than Christ’s best. No matter what pain or uncomfortable feeling comes, she is willing to bring up any issue if it brings God glory. A woman who can challenge a man to love his Savior more is one of the most amazing and attractive qualities a woman could ever have. A faithful woman of prayer is someone I would love to spend the rest of my life with because I know there would never be a boring moment. Jesus is not boring, nor are the things of His kingdom! To spend the rest of my life advancing the kingdom with my future wife would be the greatest adventure any man could ever embark upon.
- Brandon, 26

A genuine, close relationship with God. This means she is constantly praying. It means that she doesn’t depend on the world (or even me) for her happiness, but only her Father. It means that she is loving and merciful because she is spending so much time with Love Himself. It means she isn’t living a fake form of Christianity, and it means that she has her eyes set on the right goal. And if her life is right with God, then all the other aspects of her life will be in good hands.
- Tim, 21