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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First Cries In 2012

2 December 2011:
Two cute puppies was born.
One boy one girl.

21 December 2011:
My friend delivered her to my house.
I decided to call her Lilo..
Her brother's name is Castle.

31 December 2011:
I spent my new year eve at Puncak with my family. Of course I brought her along. She's freezing and keep crying while I put her at basket tho I put a lot of blanket there. So I took her to my bed, she sleep with me :D
Day by day as time goes by, my love grow deeper and deeper. She's so cute, so fluffy, naughty and yet fragile.. Before I went to work, I always feed Lilo. Business at office, crazy traffic, exhausted feeling.. all went away when I saw her. She follow me wherever I go. I saw her first tooth, her first rolling, her first glance..

Yesterday, when I was at bathroom. My mom said that yoyo bites lilo. I thought she was kidding at the first place. I heard lilo cried. And I ran to see her.. I took her, trying my best to calm her down, when I touched her head.. Her head was mushy, and I started to cried.. Because I know this is very very very bad condition :(

We bought her to the vet. The doctor gave injection, and madicine. All the way to and from vet, she never stop crying. The sounds of her crying breaking my heart.. We do our best to keep her calm. Using the warm lamp near her body, lots of blanket.. And 30mins after we got home, she's passed away ( ╥ ﹏╥)

Hiks hiks sedihnya ga ketolongan, nangis sampe kepala puyeng banget.. Gak nyangka secepet ini ( ╥ ﹏╥) Masih berasa kaya mimpi! Lilo itu cewe tapi dia lincah banget, pesek dan banyak bulunya. Biasanya anjing cewe selalu lebi jelek dari cowo.. Dia ikutin gw kemana2 huhu sepi banget skrg :( Kata bokap sih, gak ada bekas gigitan yoyo. Mungkin si yoyo ngegeretak lilo dan lilo mental terus kepalanya kena tembok kebetulan jadi lgsg benyek.. Sedihhh banget, bener2 pelajaran biar lebih hati2 lagi.. Emosi gw terkuras banget :( baru sebulan setengah padahal.. Tapi gw bener2 jagain banget huhuhu.. What a great lost..

May you rest in peace my little one.. You will be the cutest among others in Heaven.. How I wish to spent more time with you.. I love you always.. God please take care of her.. Someday I wanna see her at my bedroom in Heaven above.. Amen..

Monday, January 02, 2012

Review Your Work

Got this story thru broadcast messenger. Its a worth reading story :)

Seorang bocah laki-laki masuk ke sebuah toko. Ia mengambil peti minuman dan mendorongnya ke dekat pesawat telepon koin. Lalu, ia naik ke atasnya sehingga ia bisa menekan tombol angka di telepon dengan leluasa. Ditekannya tujuh digit angka. Si pemilik toko mengamati-amati tingkah bocah ini dan menguping percakapan teleponnya.

Bocah: Ibu, bisakah saya mendapat pekerjaan memotong rumput di halaman Ibu?

Ibu (di ujung telepon sebelah sana): Saya sudah punya orang untuk mengerjakannya.

Bocah: Ibu bisa bayar saya setengah upah dari orang itu.

Ibu: Saya sudah sangat puas dengan hasil kerja orang itu.

Bocah (dengan sedikit memaksa): Saya juga akan menyapu pinggiran trotoar Ibu dan saya jamin di hari Minggu halaman rumah Ibu akan jadi yang tercantik di antara rumah" yg berada di kompleks perumahan ibu.

Ibu: Tidak, terima kasih.

Dengan senyuman di wajahnya, bocah itu menaruh kembali gagang telepon. Si pemilik toko, yang sedari tadi mendengarkan, menghampiri bocah itu.

Pemilik Toko: Nak, aku suka sikapmu, semangat positifmu, dan aku ingin menawarkanmu pekerjaan.

Bocah: Tidak. Makasih.

Pemilik Toko: Tapi tadi kedengarannya kamu sangat menginginkan pekerjaan.

Bocah: Oh, itu, Pak. Saya cuma mau mengecek apa kerjaan saya sudah bagus. Sayalah yang bekerja untuk Ibu tadi!

Seperti anak kecil ini, sebaiknyalah kita mengevaluasi tentang apa yang kita kerjakan di tahun 2011 untuk memastikan kualitas yg lebih baik di tahun 2012 besok.

"WAKTU seperti sungai, kamu tidak bisa menyentuh air yang sama untuk kedua kalinya, karena air yang telah mengalir akan terus berlalu dan tidak akan pernah KEMBALI."

Untuk itu .. Buat Hidupmu Lebih BERARTI di tahun 2012 :)

2011 Review and 2012 Resolution

2011 has been a marvelous year for me.. Thru the ups and down, thousand times I've failed, still His mercy remains.. I'm thanking God for breaking my heart because now I've found treasure.. I've found my calling, my gift and truly realize that to walk out of His will is to walk into nowhere..

Review back again, during the hard times.. My spass got rejected, broke up with my ex, confused should I for good, choosing new church, finding a job, and rest I can't mention one by one.. People may think I'm strong for the struggles I've had, problems I've encountered, and pains I've felt. But they are wrong. Because I have a weak heart, but behind me is a strong God. He become my shoulder to cry on, my tower of refuge and under His shelter I found rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

So give it all to God: your past hurts, your present problems, your future ambition, your fears, dreams, weaknesses habits, and hang-ups.. Put God in the driver's seat of your life, let Him alone write your life love story.. Remember one thing, nothing under His control can ever be out of control! For me there's no regret, only lesson learned. I'm welcoming 2012 with a grateful heart. Let's embracing the promise that God has in store for all of us! May we see the things that our eyes have not seen, hear the things that our ears have not heard, and experience the things beyond our wildest imagination!

And here's my list for 2012 resolutions:

-. Read the whole bible
I want to read the whole book again and again this year.. I hope until the end of 2012 I can read it twice. I've found the link here. 52weeks bible reading plan. Have you read all (not only read but focus) His love letter? I'm encourage all of you to dig deeper and experience more of His unfailing love.

-. Read proverbs every month regularly
I love proverbs, who doesn't? Haha.. Yep, this year I want to read regularly.. Today is 1st day of Jan.. So I will read proverbs 1.. 2nd day of Jan, read Proverbs 2.. And so on.. Do you realize why there's 31 proverbs? Because 1month is 30/31 days.. Last year because of my laziness I don't read it everyday.. This year I vowed to my self I will read it day by day.. I want to be like King Solomon, full of wisdom! \(»ˆ⌣ˆ«)/

-. 12 books until end of 2012
Read one book every single month.. And of course christian book not novel.. This year I only read 7books. Sigh, I need to work really hard on this.. Sometimes the desire to read novel is so strong until I forget I haven't finish the Myles Munroe's book. I can read novel in 2days, but sometimes it tooks 2months to finished other book. ( ╥ ﹏╥)

-. New car and new phone
I'm hoping for this two haha!!

-. Hillsong conference 2012
My friends, vincent and fanny are going this year.. I heard so many positive review and feedback.. And me too wanna experience it by myself..

-. Attend all wedding invitation
Last year I missed out 2of my friend's wedding :( because of works, sick, etc. This year I will try my very best not to miss out any of wedding invitation. I have 4 wedding invitation and 1 engagement party invitation and I hope I can attend all.. Most of them are my closed friends. And how I miss to catch up with an old friend!

-. Running business on my own
Still remember about paperonie? :p I will begin my portfolio. From designing - printing - and photo taking. The progress is I will design one card each month. Hopefully I can run my own design boutique before 2012 end. Earning a living while doing what I love is a dream that I want to pursue.

-. Ministry
At the moment I served at GMS Favour under creative ministry - make up division. And its my dream to teaching and building the next generation of God. However at the moment, the situation do not allow me. Because this both ministry happened at the same time, morning service. I pray if it God's will, I'm more than willing to serve at children ministry too!

-. Social service
This year I will save and set aside some money for the needy. Especially kids. You may read my story here, the scholarship program. And about two months ago, I watched the news about the lack of clean water for people who live near the river musi. This news really breaking my heart, those people drink, cook, eat, and clean their clothes using the same water.. :( still thinking what can I contribute for these people.

-. Get closer with CG27
How I miss my LOGers so badly :( and thank God now I've found cell group here. Hopefully this year I can know them better :D CG here stands for Connect Group.

Okay, I think that's all the major resolution for 2012.. I'm so excited, have faith that this year I will see many of God's promises come to pass! Stand still anie! So how about you guys? What's your resolution? :)