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Friday, February 08, 2013

My Bucket List

Thank God It's Friday :P I have nothing to do in office now, because only few people come to office today due to preparation for Chinese new year eve. And am thinking to do my bucket list. Get inspired from a friend of mine, here.
Taken from here.

So here's my bucket list, I have list down some of the naive and craziest things I have in mind that I want to accomplish in this journey of life. Some of them really stupid, because it comes from my wildest imagination. I just think its fun to write them down, and maybe 10years later when I review back, I will laugh so hardly and can proudly say "aha I have done this!"

1. Throw an eggs into the car that overtaking my way.
2. Own a samoyed and husky with green eyes on the right, and blue eyes on the left.
3. Christmas dinner eve with hubby and closest friends at my house, with all the handmade cooking and decoration all by myself.
4. Experience a sunset and a sunrise at Sawarna.
5. Passionate kiss in the rain on my honeymoon.
6. Have quiet time before the Lord in a boat in the middle of sea under the blinking stars. Adoring how great is my God!
7. Go to Holy land and visit those places on the Bible.
8. Sharing how God changes my life in front of 10.000 people.
9. Attend Christmas service at church and holding hands with my hubby during the worship time.
10. Become an author on something that means alot to me.
11. Oh how I wish to have twins!
12. Achieve financial abundance with my passion.
13. Be the boss.
14. Become a guest speaker on woman's conference.
15. Fall picnic.
16. Stay in pretty caravan for a week.
17. Build a gingerbread house.
18. Fly in a hot-air balloon across a country.
19. Bring my family to Eiffel tower.
20. Go on disney cruise, disney dream.
21. Visit all disneyland over the world.
22. Buy starbuck's doll every time my husband & I visit a country, and have collection of it :)
23. Dancing in the rain with my 5-year-old little boy.
24. Swim with bikini in Maldives.
25. Lunch with Eric and Leslie Ludy.
26. Dinner with Joshua and Shannon Harris. 
27. Hug my lifetime partner so tightly during new year's eve at Santorini.
28. Tell my parents how lucky I am to be raised in this family.
29. Have a car with plat no B990ANI.
30. Received handmade gift from special friends.
31. Have a lemonade stand on night market.
32. Have breakfast in bed served by my husband.
33. Camp out in my own backyard, count the stars at night and fall asleep.
34. Have a movie marathon by myself. 
35. Become vegetarian for at least a month.
36. Stay for a month with Mennonite.
37. Knit something cozy.
38. Be in a room lit up with thousand candles.
39. Sky lantern festival, Taiwan.
40. In New York city during Halloween period, and play the trick or treat.
41. Wear princess costume together with my childhood friends (five of us) and take picture. 
42. Expert to braid my own hair.
43. Own a chanel bag. 
44. Watch SAW movie.
45. Enjoying me-time for the whole day. Saloon-spa-shopping-reading-eat at fancy restaurant.
46. Have a date night.
47. Go bungee jumping.
48. Brave enough to curl my hair permanently.
49. Smoothing my hair and dye my hair brown color, highlight with green color. 
50. Visit all museum in Jakarta.
51. Fast indomie for 3month!!
52. Be the cover of magazine.
53. Guest speaker in radio.
54. Sell all my novels, except lima sekawan by Enid blyton.
55. Have all the complete collection of lima sekawan (old edition).
56. Library at my house.
57. Sleep at sofa with the most handsome guy in the world (read: my husband) while watching polar express. 
58. Spend a week at Louvre.
59. Pet hair coloring - turning my baby enzo into colorful fluffy dog. 
60. Take picture with boo, cutest dog in the world.
61. Have all books by Elizabeth George.
62. Read the whole bible with different translation NLT, NIV, KJV, NKJV.
63. Make caramel apples for my mom.
64. Make my own cook book.
65. Take a nap in the library.
66. Happily married and fall deeply in love each and every day in my life.
67. Lifelong friendship.
68. Swim in a lake. 
69. Have blog with million readers.
70. Attend my sunday school student's wedding.
71. Own a boutique. 
72. Be on 44kg ALWAYS.
73. Kiss underwater.
74. Slow dance with my lifetime partner with as beautiful as you as the background song.
75. Read a book in large bathtub full of soap foam. 
76. Mini library in my toilet.
77. Walk around Vail village. 
78. Go to the gym for a year. 
79. Play guitar, have guitar, decorate my guitar.
80. Take dance lessons. Go salsa dancing and be awesome.
81. Send a message in a bottle. 
82. Swim with dolphins.
83. Visit the circus.
84. Fly first class. 
85. Decorate the christmas tree as a family. 
86. Make a super spicy homemade chili and sell it to neighbor, at least 10cans. 
87. Horse back riding.
88. Plant a rose and watch them grow.
89. Invent an ice cream flavor.
90. Catch a cockroach by myself!! =.= 
91. Illustrate a children book. 
92. Master the art of calligraphy and use it often. 
93. Dance with my little boy at my parent's gold wedding anniversary.
94. Dance at my gold wedding anniversary.
95. Snowball fights.
96. Watch my kid(s) graduate high school, college, grad school. Never miss a thing.
97. Experience the joy of being a mom.
98. Home made sponge cake for my daddy.
99. Watch Nutcracker.
100. Never stop dreaming!


Mekar A. Pradipta

Aniii, dirimu romantis sekaliiii



haha~~ yes, im typical hopeless-romantic kind of girl :D

Yuki nike

52. Be the cover of magazine.
-> thank you ni, edisi pearl kali depan pake foto u yaahhh??? sippp!!! ga perlu nyari2 gambar lain buat cover dah, horeeeee!!! *dance2* WUAKAKAKAK..


BRUAKAKAKKAKAKA jeung awas lo ye!! lu saking creative nya jadi henghong. gw geli sendiri ngebayanginnya ahah.

Agnes Paredandan

wahhh baca ginian, bikin gw pengen nambah bucket list lagi! DISNEY CRUISE! lupa bgt gw ini barang! ahahahaha *brb edit blog post*


Wow, nice list. Inspired to create one and dream big. :D


Agree w/ all your list, except no. 1 & 44 (if I may share a different opinion).. hehe ^.^

Reason being: 1. "Love your enemies & pray for those who persecute you", & 44."Turn my eyes away from worthless things" -- btw, this is the SAW horror movie your talking about right?

OK... "May God give the desires of your heart, and may He fulfill all your plans"

GBU Anie


Hi andrew,

Like what I've mention above,

"I have list down some of the naive and craziest things I have in mind that I want to accomplish in this journey of life. Some of them really stupid, because it comes from my wildest imagination."


aniieee.. yg no.3 "Christmas dinner eve with hubby and closest friends at my house, with all the handmade cooking and decoration all by myself."

handmade cookingna agak meragukan wakakakkakaaka..

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